Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Moscow 1941 eyes of American photographer

Writes blogger samsebeskazal: «Favourite places and photos from the book" Taking off Russian war "Margaret Bourke-White, the summer of 1941 which was the only foreign photographer in the Soviet Union. Her book - a unique material consisting of rare photographs, descriptions of events through the eyes of Western man and interesting domestic details. This post - continued. The first part consisted entirely of photos with captions. In this I decided to add that seemed interesting to me in the text book. But the letters turned out so much that I had readability dilute their photographs from the archives of LIFE. They also authored Bourke-White, but has long been in the network, so it is more known. I must clarify that this is not a literal translation of the text, and freestyle attempt to retell the contents of some chapters without distorting the facts mentioned therein. The book was published in New York in 1942. I have the original edition, not bought ebay.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Thrilling Pictures That Will Make Your Stomach Drop

1. Cliff camping.

North Korea - South Korea find 10 differences

North Korea is ruled by an unscrupulous dictator, while South Korea enjoys democracy. And despite the fact that the two countries share the same peninsula, a feeling that they are separated worlds. In the photo project "Korea-South Korea» German photographer Dieter Leistner decided to demonstrate how North and South Korea are different from each other.

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