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World's Most Popular Street Food

World's Most Popular Street Food

If you only choose luxury and expensive restaurants for your meals whenever eating out, you will miss a golden chance to enjoy street food that is truly delicious but very cheap. Each region in different countries has typical street specialities, appealing anyone to taste them.When you travel to Marrakech, Morocco in very hot days, for example, enjoy a glass filled to the rim with mint and a healthy amount of sugar. Or visiting Chilung's Miaokou Night Market means you can taste a wide range of traditional Taiwanese snack foods including savory noodle soups, tripe, oyster omelets, sticky rice and snails.Let's take a look at some of the world’s most famous street foods. 

1. Mint Tea, Morocco 

Glasses filled to the rim with mint, and a healthy helping of sugar, stand ready for the preparation of Morocco’s distinctive green tea. The beverage refreshes the spirit on a hot day in Marrakech, but it’s far more than a thirst quencher. The tea’s preparation and enjoyment are an essential part of the Moroccan culture and a “must-try” experience for any visitor. (Cezary Wojtkowski) 

2. Miaokou Night Market, Taiwan 

Chilung's Miaokou Night Market has an old temple at its center, but the main focus here is feasting. The market’s yellow lanterns illuminate a mouthwatering array of traditional Taiwanese snack foods, including savory noodle soups, oyster omelets, snails, sticky rice, and tripe. Taiwanese and tourists alike say no visit is complete without a fruity “bubble ice” dessert—black plum is a local favorite. (Neil Wade) 

3. Shanghai Dumplings, China 

A Shanghai street vendor serves up a freshly fried helping of the city’s favorite snack—dumplings. The treats are ubiquitous in Shanghai, available in many flavors and combinations. (Justin Guariglia) 

4. Noodles, Thailand 

A strainer full of noodles, fresh off an open fire, commands the total concentration of a cook in Bangkok's Chinatown. The skill of such street chefs, and the aroma of their creations, proves irresistible to many passersby. (Dean McCartney) 

5. Chicken Intestines, Philippines 

Filipino food vendors created this heaping helping of isaw manok, skewered chicken intestines that are first marinated and later grilled or deep fried to perfection. The snack is typically served with sweet, sour, or spicy sauces. (Jun Aviles) 

6. Beach Food, India 

When beachgoers in Goa need a break, tasty treats like these are always close at hand. Unlimited supplies of samosas, chicken, cool drinks and other favorite Indian fare are found at Anjuna Beach—a onetime hippie haven that still draws sun-loving, fun-loving travelers from around the world. (Anne Kohl) 

7. Grasshoppers, China 

Chinese street foods, like this “bouquet” of skewered grasshoppers, often raise Western eyebrows. But insect eating isn’t as unusual as you might imagine. The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that more than 1,400 protein-rich insect species are regularly enjoyed by humans around the world. (Boaz Meiri) 

8. Banh Mi Sandwiches, Vietnam 

Serving with a smile, a Vietnamese vendor taps a colonial legacy to create an irresistible street cuisine. Banh mi sandwiches, like these in Nhatrang, feature French baguettes filled with a tasty variety of meats and vegetables. They are eagerly consumed across Vietnam, especially for breakfast or lunch. (Tim Hall/Photo Library) 

9. Sausages, Germany 

Only the best of the wurst are served at this German imbissstand. Merrymakers at this Sachsenhausen festival devour bratwurst, bockwurst, and other sausage delicacies while washing them down with beer. (Olivia Sari) 

10. Ceviche, Peru 

A cook prepares ceviche in the seaside town of Máncora, Peru. Popular throughout Latin America, ceviche is made by using the juice of citrus, in this case limes, to pickle and "cook" a mix of raw fish and seafood. (Abraham Nowitz) 

11. Roasted Pigs, Cambodia 

Visitors needn’t speak Khmer in order to understand the menu of this street-side food stand in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Pork is the most widely eaten meat in the world. Austria eats the most per capita, followed by Spain and Denmark. (Mark Ikin) 

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