Tuesday, 10 July 2012

A Beautiful Castle On A Lake

Loreto - a small private island and a castle on Lake Iseo in northern Iatly.At the end of the 5th century there was built a monastery, which existed for several centuries, abandoned in 16th century. During a visit to the island of Cardinal Carli Borromeo in 1580, there lived a hermit named Peter. In the late 19th century historian Gabriel Rose mentioned the presence on the island of Loreto ruins of an ancient fortress with two towers and a chapel.

After changing several owners in the early 20th century the island went to Royal Navy captain Vincenzo Richeri, who built the neo-Gothic castle and a marina with two small beacons there in 1910. A conifer garden was planted around the castle . 

Recently, the island became famous because George Clooney was going to get it. But he has already got a residence nearby, so for some reason he changed his mind. The area of ​​Lake Iseo, situated in Lombard Predalpah is 65 square km, maximum depth - 251 m, maximum width - 5 km, the maximum length - 25 km. Lake fills a basin of an ancient glacier terminal, has steep rocky shores. 

On the southern shore of the lake there is an eponymous town of Iseo. In the middle of the lake there is the largest natural lake island (the mountain-island) in Europe, Monte Isola, popular with hang gliders. 

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