Saturday, 24 November 2012

Breathtaking Photos Of Antarctica

See these breathtaking photos of Antarctica and decide for yourself. Antarctica is not such a good place to live in because of the extreme cold,but increasing numbers of people visit Antarctica throughout the year just to see the nature’s true beauty. Have a cool journey through the lands of Antarctica now and discover the beauty.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Beauty Of Autumn

Not only Spring bring refreshness to the eyes but also Autumn season sometimes look  good to the eyes. The scene of coming autumn and the beautiful  falling tree leaves of reds, oranges, purples, yellows, browns, bronzes, and mottled grays colors that attract and revive the inner in the fall.

These falling leaves with numerous colours collectively could be referred to as ‘eye candy’. The beautiful scenery created by leaves of multiple colors in the fall is the sign of arrival of Autumn Season. Some photos of autumn beauty is being shared with you take a look please and comment 

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

10 Most Alien and Weird Places on Earth

1. Aurora Borealis (North Pole)

Auroras sometimes called the northern and southern (polar) lights or aurorae are natural beautiful light displays in the sky, usually observed at night, particularly in the polar regions. They typically occur in the ionosphere. The Cree people call this phenomenon the “Dance of the Spirits. Its southern counterpart, the aurora australis or the southern polar lights, has similar properties, but is only visible from high southern latitudes in Antarctica, South America, or Australasia.

Ten Facts about Elephants

I like elephants; they are cute, huge and funny looking. They are a big part of many cultures and they are used as metaphors all around the world. They are associated with wisdom. For many people around the globe, elephants hold some sort of religious values. Of course, not all of us live close enough to elephants to know a lot about them. In fact, most of us have hardly seen them once, twice or even never. I will list down ten interesting facts about elephants that you probably didn’t know before. It is said how these poor creatures have had hunters on their tails ever since their tusks became valuable.


Until 2010, only two different species of elephants were recognized. There are new reports now that say that there are at least three different species of these creatures; The Asian Elephant (Alphas Maximus), the African Bush Elephant (Loxodonta Africana) and the African Forest Elephant (Loxodonta Cyclones). The Asian elephant is the smallest and therefore smaller tusks. The African Forest Elephant has straighter tusks while the Bush Elephant has beautifully curved tusks.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Top 10 Historical Cemeteries

Cemeteries are interesting.  On the one hand, these grounds are the final resting place for the dead.  Yet, while death may be the primary purpose of these areas, it is the living who find value and significance in them.  Cemeteries have an allure for many, far more than I would have thought prior to doing the research for this article.  For some, these hallow grounds are a place of remembrance and reflection.  For others, the attraction may be the historical implications, or the popularity of those who are buried there.  Whatever the case, many cemeteries around the world have become distinguished over the years.  These hallowed grounds stand timeless, and present their charges with continued dignity and honor for all those who continue to pay homage to their lives.  With this in mind, here are the Top 10 Historical Cemeteries.

10. Valley of Kings (Egypt, est. 1600 BC)

What could be more appropriate than beginning our list with a burial site that is shrouded in mystery and intrigue, from the annals of antiquity?  An initial response to this selection may be thought-invoking, as most will not equate historical tombs with a “cemetery”.  Yet that is exactly what this historic area is – a burial place for the dead – in this case, the royal dead.  Known in its time as (inhale) The Great and Majestic Necropolis of the Millions of Years of the Pharaoh, Life, Strength, Health in The West of Thebes (phew), the Valley of Kings, located in Egypt, is the final resting place of pharaohs and other powerful persons, dating as far back as 16th century BC.
The area is mostly a desert, and has been subject to the ravages of time (and grave robbers).  As such, many of the harmonizing and tranquil aspects common to most cemeteries won’t be found here, and the scenery is as majestic as only windswept sand and rocks can be.  Yet the weight of history is palatable here.  One can imagine the majesty that this necropolis projected at its zenith. The tombs that have been discovered thus far (63) have been a treasure trove of archaeological and anthropological information, regarding life thousands of years past.  The tombs themselves have preserved not only scientific points of interest, but the culture of a people.  Perhaps its most well-known occupant is King/Pharaoh Tutankhamen.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Unknown Kazakhatan

You are about to see a collection of photos from the exhibition held in Almaty which is called “Unknown Kazakhstan”. Some photographers made a trip around the country to take unique photographs. Some of them are presented below.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Election Day in America

The people of the United States spoke with their votes yesterday in local, state, and national races and on numerous ballot questions. President Obama was reelected after a hard-fought campaign with challenger Mitt Romney, and the Republicans and Democrats remained in control of their respective majorities in the House of Representatives and Senate. Here's a look at the voting process throughout Tuesday and into the early morning hours Wednesday of the celebrations and disappointment as the results came in. -- Lloyd Young 

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