Sunday, 18 November 2012

Unknown Kazakhatan

You are about to see a collection of photos from the exhibition held in Almaty which is called “Unknown Kazakhstan”. Some photographers made a trip around the country to take unique photographs. Some of them are presented below.

This is the highland plateau Taba Karagai.
This gorge is called Kaindy which means “the birch one”.
The water flooded this grove two centuries ago.
Best shots are taken in the dull weather.
We are not far from the Wooden Lake.
This is the relict asiatic poplar grove.
The landscapes of Singing dunes are impressive.
This is the gorge of the Kora river in Jungar Alatau.
It is a waterfall Burkhan-Bulak in Jungar Alatau.
This is the Kora river.
Pelicans are flying over the lake Balkhash.
One brave man gave the name to this mountain – Bektau Ata.
The rocks of Bektau Ata were created by clinker of the ancient volcano.
Rainwater accumulates in the stone bowls.
This is the famous necropolis Begazy.
These places were densely populated in the ancient times. Many monuments have remained till these days.
These are the Kent mountains and fourty lakes.
The picture was taken in Altai.
This lake is called Yazevoye.
One of the most beautiful places of Zaisan lake is Shekelmes cape. The origin of these many-colored canyons is still unknown. Some people even believe that once a meteorite fell here.
Wild animals are often met in Kazakhstan.
There is a stereotype about Kazakhstan that its nature is lifeless and full of dreary steppes. See yourself how far from the truth it is.
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