Monday, 22 October 2012

American Big Cities a Hundred Years Ago

It wasn't long time ago when people have still used horses as the main instrument of transportation. Just about a hundred years ago, there were no cars, people were using horses for traveling, instead.Today, such scenes can be only seen in western movies and, for people who do live in this time when we are very close to jump on the next level of transportation technology: the flying cars, this information that just a few decades ago people were using horses for transportation could sound almost incredible.It is fascinating how humans are able to forget things. The photos of big cities from about hundred years ago are very rare and you have not much chance to find them, even today when there is almost nothing what can't be found on the Internet.We have decided to share with you this great find of high resolution photos dating from the period between 1900 and 1910 which are available online thanks to Library if Congress research archive. There you can see how a street-life looked like one century ago. 

1. Woodward Avenue Detroit, Michigan 1917
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