Friday, 22 February 2013

10 Popular and Deadliest Suicide Points in the World

I would not like to linger on the point of explaining what suicides are and what makes people commit them because it is an immensely sad and depressing topic. So moving right along, I would like to add to your knowledge as to what are the most famous suicide points in the world. Yes you are right, I will point out the places in the world where people like to go to, which people actually prefer, when they get suicidal. If you have an impressionable mind I suggest you to not delve to long in this article.


This forest is present at the base of the famous Mount Fuji in Japan. Aokigahara is also lovingly known as the Sea of Trees. This place has been known to be home to quite a number of ghosts and a lot of paranormal activity has also been reported several times. It is quite the spooky place to be in and it has also been rumored that its caves remain icy cold. Even in the summers they are covered in icing. As far as the statistics are concerned, there have been a total number of 70 suicides reported in this haunted forest EVERY YEAR. It breaks my heart to know that so many people lose their lives mostly out of depression. And i am sure all those who die must be later on rumored to have been haunted and then taken away bu ghosts and other unknown beings. How terrifying is that.


The Golden Gate Bridge Built in 1937, this bridge had the highest suspension duration of its time. The Golden gate is not an amazing destination in San Francisco, California and it is known internationally. If you go to the bridge with the intention of Suicide, there is no hurdle that shall you or make you alter your decision. This bridge, that connects San Fransisco to Marin county, and is also part of State Route 1 and US Route 101, presents such a foreboding and mysterious image that all those wishing for a beautiful yet alarming death are attracted to it. It has this lethal dignity which pulls in sad and broken people. As far as the statistics go, around 30 people were found dead from it last year and since it was constructed, there have been 1500 suicides to its credit.


We have all heard about the Niagara Falls. It lies across the international border that separates Canada and New York. As far as the statistics go, their have been approximately 23 suicides that are committed every year at Niagara falls. The most interesting thing is that mostly women are interested in the looks of Niagara falls but most of the suicide jumpers were males, 59% to be exact where as there was only a 41% of females who were courageous enough to take the leap. Not that it is something to feel proud over. I wonder how they must have felt falling over the massive 100 foot waterfall.


The highest chalk sea cliff in Britain, Beachy Head is found on the south coast of England, East Sussex. It mounts to nearly 162m above the sea level which, if roughly calculated, means around 530 feet. There have been quite a few mishaps on this point has well which later became known as the East Sussex SUICIDE POINT for example a person trying to jump off in an attempt to commit suicide but landing on the pathway below and being crushed by a car. Now that is one messed up death. So let is review the statistics for this particular suicide point which say that approximately 20 people commit suicide every year and to date nearly 500 bodies have been found. It is so sad.


Another one of the famous suspension bridges, The Clifton Bridge was built across Avon gorge in 1864. It connected Clifton to Leigh woods from Bristol to North Somerset, England. The first suicide attempt from this particular bridge was in the year 1885 when a women tried jumping off of it. I want to say luckily for her, her skirt acted as a parachute and saved her life. Nearly a thousand people have given away their life on this bridge and every year just keeps adding to the total count. Although security barriers and railings have been added but I guess to a suicidal person it is like: you gotta do what you gotta do!


The Prince Edward Viaduct, ranked as the fifth most lethal and life taking structure in the world, is actually a bridge system in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It connects the west of the system to the east (Bloor Street to Danforth Avenue to be exact). Nearly 400 suicides have taken place at this bridge to date. The authorities felt that they had enough of the trauma and they feared that the poor bridges’ name would be marred for life if any precautionary measures were not adopted after which they decided to build the Luminous Veil. It is a protective barrier and after its addition, the bridge has seen no more deaths. Well that is an achievement we must because the rest of the suicide points in this list till now have not such an improvement to prevent suicides at least.


I request you to not be surprised at the huge number of bridges that you might see in this list after all, what might be more convenient to a suicidal maniac (with all due respect) than to jump off to eternal disappearance, I mean eternal peace, actually no, i just mean Death. The bridge is also known as the San Diego Coronado Bridge. IT is on the State Route 75. It has the morbid honor of being the fourth most lethal structure in the world. It also prides itself on assisting 200 deaths to date! Absolutely no pun intended. These matters are serious.


Eiffel Tower is not a bridge. Ok jokes apart, obviously you are all aware of that. This tower was given the name of its designer and engineer Built in the year 1889, this is the tallest building of Paris. It is a very well-known building all around the world and since the day it was open to public, nearly 200 million people have visited it. The most horrifying incident and the first of its nature for this place occurred when a man hanged himself from one of it beams. Statistics show that over the years more than 350 have tried to mae a suicidal jumping attempt from various floors of the tower and only two managed to survive.


The Aurora Bridge, construction on which was completed on February 27, 1932, is located in Seattle Washington. The first suicidal attempt from this bridge was made even before it was open to general traffic. This is the bridge that has been used to actually study and research how suicide attempts can be avoided. As far s the statistics go, this bridge has the honor of over 230 deaths to date. Quite a huge number if you ask me especially since they were trying to study how to avoid deaths.


It might come as no surprise that the last and final suicidal point on the list is also a bridge, well before you get a little jittery let me add to your knowledge that bridges are the most convenient methods of suicides. This bridge was built across the Saint Lawrence River. Traffic started moving on the bridge in 1930. Canada is famous for a number of busy, this one being the second busiest. They have not been able to avoid the suicide attempts at this point and this according to the statistic reports there are approximately 143 suicides here every year.

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