Monday, 25 February 2013

Ten Strange Forests of the World

I have always been very attracted by forests; all the greenery and the curiosity for the creatures that might dwell in them. Forests cover around 9.4% of the Earth’s surface. It’s fast shrinking of course because of all the deforestation. There were times when the forests covered around 50% of the surface so it’s a shame really. Most of the people around the world haven’t had the unique experience to be able to go inside a forest and see what it is like, I mean sure we have seen lengthy documentaries on television but that isn’t that same now is it. This article covers some of the strangest forests around the world.


This particular forest can be found in the Bay of Bengal. Almost the entire Island is covered with trees. The total area covered by the trees is around 72 square kilometers. The trees are very old. Interestingly, a tribe called Sentinelese lives here with around 50 to 400 individuals and considering the fact that the island is completely isolated, that is saying something. It will be an interesting experience to visit the forest/island, although reaching there might still be a problem.


This looks like a very beautiful forest with the oddly shaped trees. They can be found just outside the village of Nowe Czarnowo in the Western Poland. The forest has about 400 pine trees. These trees have a 90 degree bend at the base of their trunks which is why the name ‘crooked’. These pine trees were planted around 1930 while the area was still inside the German province, Pomerania.


This forest is also known as the Worm Wood forest. It is located within a 10 kilometer area that surrounds the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine. After the Chernobyl incident the forest turned ginger-ish in color and died. The forest was then bulldozed and buried. The land was planted with new pine saplings. Today, most of the trees in this region are still contaminated. Radioactivity concentration in the soil is 90%.


Chestnut hills spread across 60 acres of land and boast around 2,500 hundred chestnut trees. These trees are the descendants of a dozen chestnut trees planted by Martin Hicks in the late 19th Century. Most of the trees have died in this forest because of terrible disease that hit around 1900. Before the disease these trees grew around 200 feet in height with the trunks reaching 44 feet in diameter. Many different scientists have been working together for a while now to get rid of this disease and protect the trees. Yes, the disease still exists.


This forest is also known as Aokigahara and is located at the North-Western base of Mount Fuji in Japan. With a large number of very huge trees, the forests are thick and very green. There is a very obvious absence of wildlife in this forest so it’s pretty safe. The forest gained its reputation because of the suicides that are associated with it and the beautiful view if offers of the Mount Fuji. The number of bodies found in this forest in the year 2004 is 108. This is in reference to the suicides. I would still love to enter the forest since I have no intention of killing myself anytime soon. I guess I’ll be safe.


This forest covers an area of 147 square kilometers and is located in Buskerud, Norway. There are many different animals housed by this forest. There are many different endangered species that live in the forest for example the Siberian Jay, the Stock Dove and Golden Eagle. Around 75% of the forest is protected by the government which in my opinion is a very good initiative. The forest also features valleys, rivers, lakes and ancient trees.


Dark entry forest is very much associated with strange sightings, weird disappearances and many unexplained deaths. Locals have talked about hallucinations even, where demons appear and command them to commit suicides. Many locals even committed suicides. So if you want to freak yourself out completely, the dark entry forest is the place for you. People still think that it is cursed. Anyone who trespasses into this land is prosecuted by the Dark Entry Forest Group.


Ardennes is a huge forest that covers parts of Belgium, France and Luxembourg. The terrain is rugged and the forest is thick. A lot of wild creatures, minerals and rich timber are associated with this forest. Many different battles have been fought on the land where Ardennes stands. In WWI and WWII Germany made a passage through the forest to attack France. The battle of Ardennes in 1914, the battle of France in 1940 and the battle of Bulge in 1944 were all fought on this land. Nevertheless, it is a sight to behold.


This forest is located near Cluj-Napoca in Romania. It is referred as the Bermuda Triangle of Romania by the locals. The forest is named after a local shepherd who disappeared upon entering it along with his 200 sheep. People are practically afraid to even go near the forest and they believe that the ones who enter will never return. People have even reported UFO sightings around the forest and it is very popular in relation with paranormal activities. Many scientists from around the world were able to capture bizarre things on film, some apparent to naked eye and others only visible on film.


This particular forest was buried under a thick layer of volcanic ash a long time ago. The forest was near the Mongolian district of Wuda and covered an area of 20 square kilometers. This particular forest was covered under the ash some 298 million years ago preserving the forest as it was. Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania, Shenyang Normal University and Yunnan University were able to reconstruct a 10,000 square feet area of this forest. They were able to identify many different plant specifies that were extinct for centuries. Nature never lets you down does it?
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