Monday, 4 March 2013

Amazing Frozen Waterfalls From Around The World

We used to see waterfalls, bubbling like falling down columns of water, raising water around the foam and mist, but in the cold winter, many turn to the amazing waterfalls of ice magic. In Minnesota, the State of Minneapolis, Minehaha Falls at 16 m height often freezes, become an incredible wall of blue ice. Under the waterfall you can even walk through a kind of “cave.” While many frozen waterfalls can be visited just so some of this is not enough: many daredevils try to conquer them. Each year, hundreds of these climbers risk their lives for the adrenaline rush. Using only ice axes and cats, these climbers climb the frozen columns and a huge wall of water, but we can`t blame its a passion and the beauty so check out Frozen waterfalls around the world….
1. Oura, Colorado. (Photo by Boone Speed ​​/ Barcroft USA) 

2. Minnehaha, Minneapolis. (Photo by Madeleine)

3. Minnehaha, Minneapolis. (Photo by Madeleine)

4. Taihang mountain range, the Chinese province of Hebei. (Photo source Xinhua)

5. Godafoss waterfall, Iceland. (Photo by David Clapp)

6. Waterfalls in Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia. (Photo by Andreas Resch) 

7. Falls Hells Angels in Cody, Wyoming, USA. (Photo by Joel Anderson) 

8. Marmolada, the north-eastern Italy. (Photo via Jdomb’s Travels)

9. Eidfjord, Norway. (Photo by Christian Pondella)

10. Ballandaz Gorge, France. (Photo via Real Aspen)

11. Rifle, Colorado. (Photo credit: Boone Speed ​​/ Bacroft USA)

12. Slovenia. (Photo via Factspod)

13. Haymken Falls, British Columbia, Canada. (Photo by Skupinski / Barcroft Media)

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