Monday, 25 March 2013

Encounter with a polar bear

Polar Bear, one of the few animals to perceive man as prey. At speed sprint 60 km / hour and six-meter jump, an adult bear is a real threat to humans. Especially if the bear is hungry. Lack of facial muscles does bear a particularly dangerous and unpredictable.The muzzle of the predator is never the expression of aggression. At the time, predshesvuyuschy attack, he looks the same cute soft toy. And the only "bad" expression of dark eyes can warn about the rapidly pproaching danger.

This "Bear" was hungry, skinny, and as it turned out, very large. Sniffing at our approach air and water, and seeing that we are quite far away, he decided to get to the zodiacs swimming.
Despite the fact that the bears are excellent swimmers with motorboats, they certainly can not compete. After a pretty aggressive game of cat and mouse with the two zodiacs, the bear came out on an ice floe at the opposite side of which stood at this point our boat.
Amazing Grace beast flying in all directions, spray, soft, gliding gait chained us to the camera's viewfinder.After a few seconds of footage over panic, but obviously timely departure ...

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