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Guinness Book of Records for the year 2012

We offer you a selection with the largest, fast, long, strange and just nuts records in 2011, trapped in the edition of Guinness World Records 2012.

1. The largest number of accounts at a record dance game
Elizabeth Bolinger from Iowa won the title for a record due to 100 songs in the games 'Just Dance' and 'Dance Central' and got into the Guinness Book edition for gamers in 2012. (Ryan Schude / Guinness World Records)

2. The smallest dog
The smallest dog in the world is Lucy, a Yorkshire Terrier 14 centimeters in height. Her owner - Sally Leone Montufar of Abeskona, New Jersey. (Guinness World Records)

3. The greatest number of Christmas illuminations on the house
The record belongs to David and Jane Richards, living in Forrest ACT, Australia. Their house and the surrounding area are decorated with 331,038 holiday lights. David does not say how much it cost the illumination, but all the money donated by visitors, transfers to a charity 'SIDS and Kids'. (Guinness Book of World Records)

4. The smallest woman in the world
Expert Rob Molloy (right) and Dr K Sudzhatha (left) measure the growth jyotih Amge. At the age of 18 years, her growth December 16, 2011 was 62.7 cm (Stringer / india / Reuters)

5. The largest gathering of people dressed up as leprechauns
In the Grand Canal Theatre in Dublin gathered 262 people in costumes Leprechaun. (Maxwell Photography / Guinness World Records)

6. Maximum number of people, put in some shorts
In Canary Wharf in London on 17 November 2011 in some pants fits 57 people. (Matt Dunham / AP)

7. The longest chain of kisses
In Beijing, 11 November 2011 were the most massive chain tselovashki involving 351 people. (Guinness World Records)

8. The maximum distance traveled by the burning man without an oxygen mask
The record belongs to Denny Dyusterhoftu from Hamburg and is 119 meters and 91 centimeters. (Alexander Pihuliak / Guinness World Records)

9. The greatest number of arrows caught blindfolded in two minutes
Joe Alexander from Hamburg caught blindfolded four arrows. (Alexander Pihuliak / Guinness World Records)

10. The greatest number of bottles open head
Record set by Ahmed Tafzi in Hamburg is 24 bottles. (Alexander Pihuliak / Guinness World Records)

11. The greatest number of popcorn caught with two hands
Record for one minute was 26 and was put Joe Alexander in Hamburg. (Alexander Pihuliak / Guinness World Records)

12. The oldest yoga instructor
Today it is Bernice Mary Bates in Florida, where 91 years old. (Matt May / Guinness World Records)

13. The most massive exercise with hula hoops
It involved 221 student elementary school Longleaf in New Port Richey, Florida. (Matt May / Guinness World Records)

14. The most popular dance of Soul Train
It was attended by 211 students from Berkeley, California. (RC Rivera / Guinness World Records)

15. The longest chocolate bar
Mirco Della Vecchia, holds the record for the largest chocolate sculpture and the tallest ice cream. Now he made a 15-meter chocolate weighing 6.8 kg.

16. The most massive tea party
The event came in Essex 334. (Paul Michael Hughes / Guinness World Records)

17. The most massive class-Zumba fitness
Commission counted 1,439 people who came to the class on Zumbe in the Netherlands. (Guinness World Records)

18. The winner of numerous records
Twenty-two Bridget Jordan of Sandoval, Illinois, whose height is 67 inches and her 20-year-old brother Brad are the undersized relatives. (Gary Parker / Guinness World Records)

19. Very tall dog
Nova height, large Danish dogini Illinois is 89.2 cm, weight - 72.5 kg. (Jeffery R. Werner /

20. The largest number of steps, overcoming dog down face forward with a glass of water
Australian shepherd named Sweet Pee took 10 steps with a glass, which had 140 grams of water. The record was set in Verden, Germany, January 5, 2008. (Ranald Mackechnie / Guinness World Records)

21. The least time spent climbing in a suitcase
Is 5.43 seconds. Leslie Tipton delivered record September 14, 2009 in New York. (John Wright / Guinness World Records)

22. The largest number of needles in the head
Is 2009. Record-name is Wei Shenchu, the record was recorded in Milan, April 11, 2009. (Paul Michael Hughes / Guinness World Records)

23. The longest career in theater
Veteran Israeli theater is Hanna Maron, who 20 September 2011 confirmed that appears on stage 83. (Moti Milrod / AP)

24. Most Popular Video
The video for Justin Bieber's "Baby" as of February 16, 2011 463,829,304 views collected on the Internet. (Beawiharta / Reuters)

25. The largest pizza available in the market
In the menu, Big Mama's and Papa's Pizzeria in Los Angeles, there is a square pizza with a side of 123 cm, which can be purchased for $ 199.99. She can feed 100 people and order for home delivery - if alert pizza for 24 hours. (Ryan Schude / Guinness World Records)

26. Maximum number prolezany through a tennis racket
Skye Broberg from Australia, February 25, 2010 through my tennis racket seven times in three minutes. The record was set in Rome. One of the Crown Room Sky is wrapping his body in a small glass box. (John Wright / Guinness World Records)

27. The highest paid actor of the TV series
Hugh Laurie gets $ 400,000 for one series "Dr. House" - the most popular television series, watched by 81.8 million viewers in 66 countries. (Fox)

28. The largest pillow-perdushka
Diameter cushion sdeannoy Steve Mezherom for the event in London on 14 June 2008, is 3 meters.

29. Most views online broadcast
The record belongs to broadcast the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton , who watched 72 Stepanavan people. (Lefteris Pitarakis / AP)

30. The greatest number of flower pots, made in 1 hour
The record belongs to the potter Mark Baylsu that June 28, 2009 has made 150 pots per hour, thus winning the contest during the fair potters. Second place went to Mary Cheypelhau with 118 pots. (Ranald Mackechnie / Guinness World Records)

31. The heaviest male bodybuilder
Daniel Sekkaretsi - the owner of this record. It weighs 134.99 kg. (Paul Michael Hughes / Guinness World Records)

32. The best result in the marsh triathlon Snorkelling
British Daniel and Natalie Bent - brother and sister, who showed lushche results marsh triathlon with a mask and snorkel.Result Daniel 2:00 21 minutes and 5 seconds, and Natalie - 2 hours, 45 minutes and 40 seconds. (Richard Bradbury / Guinness World Records)

33. The longest dog ears.
Black and tan kunhaund named Harbor has the longest ears of dogs. 31.7 cm length of the left and right - 34 cm (Ryan Schude / Guinness World Records via AP)

34. The greatest violin
Wizard production of violins and bows Vogtland, Germany, have created a violin 4.2 m wide and 1.23 m wide. This whopper and its 5.1-meter-long bow seven times the normal violin. To play it, you need three people: one presses the strings, while the other two move the bow. (Ranald Mackechnie / Guinness World Records)

35. The longest fingernails on the hands of women
The longest fingernails belong to Chris "The Countess" Walton, and their length is a total of 3.09 m on the left arm and 2.88 m on the right at the time of measurement in Las Vegas, February 21, 2011. (Ryan Schude / Guinness World Records)

36. The largest number of dogs jumping on a skipping rope
Who would have thought that a dog, let alone a whole baker's dozen, will be able to jump rope at the same time. The record belongs to the circus Uchida Geinousha's "Super Wan Wan Circus" from Japan. (Shinsuke Kamioka / Guinness World Records)

37. The largest collection of penguins
Bridget Berends of Germany collected the biggest collection of items related to the penguins, a total of 11,062 pieces. Record was set March 14, 2011. The first penguin that began craze, was purchased more during her elementary school. (Ranald Mackechnie / Guinness World Records)

38. Fastest church for wedding
Church on wheels called The Best Man of Shelbyville, Illinois, has a top speed 99 km / h The church has everything you need: stained-glass windows, 1000-watt stereo system, organ, pulpit and porch with wrought iron railings. (David Torrence / Guinness World Records)

39. The largest number of piercings on a man
Rolf Buchholz punctured in 453 locations throughout the body. Buchholz, a resident of Dortmund has 94 decorations in or around the lips, 25 in his eyebrows, eight in his nose and 278 in the genital area. (Ranald Mackechnie / Guinness World Records)

40. The youngest man to orbit around the world alone
23-year-old student at Memorial University of Florida Barrington Irving was not afraid of snow, rain and storm, and made a record flight. In addition, he is the first African American pobivshy this record. When Barrington found that nobody would lend him a plane for the record, he built his own Columbia 400 of parts, donated his aircraft manufacturing plant in Columbia. (Ryan Schude / Guinness World Records)

41. largest chocolate
Workers and visitors confectionery company World's Finest Chocolate in Chicago admire chocolate weighing 5574 kg, which was made for Ginnesovskogo record September 13, 2011. Protein bars almost meter height, length - 7 m, and its weight exceeds the previous record by almost a ton. (Scott Olson / Getty Images)

42. The longest house cat (and longest cat tail)
Cat Stewie - a five-year Maine Coon length 1.23 m Its owners Robin Hendrickson and Erik Brendsness Stewie measured 28 August 2010. Also, its tail length 41.5 cm is the world's longest cat tail.

43. The largest afro
The winner of the biggest afro 18.3 cm in height, 19.5 cm in width and 1.31 m in girth is Evin Dugas from New Orleans. (Chris Granger / Guinness World Records)

44. The longest female tongue
Chanel Tapper from California has a tongue length of 9.6 cm from the tip to the upper lip. Absolute record, however, is a Briton Stephen Taylor with tongue length 9.8 cm (Ryan Schude / Guinness World Records)

45. The largest collection of cows
As of March 2011 Denis Tubangi U.S. owns a collection of 2,429 objects related to cows. Denis started collecting in 1990, when she saw the figure of a cow in the kitchen of his mother. Her favorite item of the collection - a toy life-size calf donated by neighbors. (Ryan Schude / Guinness World Records)

46. The longest mustache
4.2 m long mustache belong to Indian Ram Singh Chauhanu. (John Wright / Guinness World Records)

47. The biggest crocodile in captivity
Cassius Clay, the Australian saltwater crocodile, was declared the Guinness Book of Records the largest crocodile in captivity.Its length is 5.47 m, and weight - 907 kg. (Brian Cassey / EPA)

48. How did it all start?
May 4, 1951 New Beaver sir, being the managing director of Guinness Brewery went to North Slob in County Wexford, Ireland to shoot. It took part in the debate about what kind of bird is the fastest in Europe, and I realized that there is no book to which to seek evidence. Then he decided that the book gives answers to these questions may be of great interest.
The first copy of the "Guinness World Records" at 197 pages was bound August 27, 1955, and by Christmas, the book became a bestseller in the UK. Since then, it sold more than 400 million copies. (Guinness World Records)

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