Saturday, 9 March 2013

New Age Photography by Photojournalists under 25

As professional and amateur cameras reveal more of the world at an increasingly rapid pace, the field of photojournalism is becoming a harder place to make a living. Yet many young photographers are pursuing careers as visual storytellers, despite a market in transition. Some study the craft at universities, others carve their own path. While building their portfolios, they have the luxury of time to explore intimate stories about relevant issues and develop a personal vision. Without the pressures of the 24-hour news cycle, these photographers are learning to make images that shout rather than whisper. Covering issues near and far, often out-of-pocket and on their own time, they posses a deep affection for people and a common goal of building a better understanding of our world. The future of photojournalism may be uncertain, but this generation of photographers will have a hand in writing the new rulebook. The following are images from students of photojournalism and photographers aged 25 and under. The featured images are peak moments captured through eager eyes, personal visions, or intimate glimpses into long-term projects about topics that matter to the photographers and their community.

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