Friday, 8 March 2013

Race on the 101 year of life

World's oldest marathon runner Faudzha Singh on Sunday February 24 came on the last world marathon distance in his career. In Hong Kong, a famous athlete, who on April 1 will turn 102 years, overcame a distance of 10 km in 1 hour 32 minutes and 28 seconds.February 24 in Hong Kong was Standart Chartered Hong Kong Marathon. Sponsor of the event for many years is the bank Standart Chartered. These competitions include the marathon and half-marathon distance and sprint at 10 km. It is in this race once again took part Faudzha Singh
Faudzha Singh - Indian origin, now living in London. At the moment it 101 years. He holds multiple world records in marathon races in the age groups "90 and over" and "100 years of age and older."Living in the UK comes from the Punjab proudly bears the nickname "tornado in a turban", given to him for traditional Sikh headdress, which selects an athlete in competition.
Faudzha Singh became a marathoner in the 89 years after the death of his wife and one of his sons. He took part in the 9 world marathons, including London, New York and Toronto. Faudzha participated in the Olympic Torch Relay in Athens (2004) and London (2012).Guinness World Records the world's oldest marathon runner to get failed because it has no official documents on the date of his birth.Ceasing to compete, Faudzha Singh will not give up their habit to run over 15 miles a day to maintain tone.

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