Monday, 4 March 2013

The American went on a rope across Niagara Falls

Famous American tightrope walker Nik Vallenda (Nik Wallenda) went over Niagara Falls on the rope, stretched at a height of over 50 meters. One end of the rope was attached to the United States, the other - in Canada. Kanatahodtsu had to overcome on the way to the raging waters of the length of 550 meters, in that it took him nearly half an hour.
Two regimes are allowed to violate the ban that exists on the holding of such stunts at Niagara Falls, to the hereditary kanatahodtsa, which six times found himself in the Guinness Book. Thus, Nick Vallenda the first person in 128 years to cross the waterfall is so risky way.

 To trick Vallenda prepared two weeks in conditions masimalno close to reality: an artificial wind and water spray from a fire engine. To meet the demands of the event sponsor, the U.S. television channel ABC, Vallende had to break a family tradition to perform stunts without insurance.

For a century the intersection of Niagara Falls on a rope or cable is prohibited by law, and those who tried to do it, it ends up "campaign" in prison. Nick Vallende managed to get from the USA and Canada permits the stunt. This was facilitated by the fact that the city of Niagara Falls has lost half of its population, and the Niagara Falls ceased to attract the attention of tourists. Thus coincided business interests and a passion for the diabolical Nick Vallendy risk.

A few words about this daredevil. He is 33 years old, he is a representative of the seventh generation of the famous "flying Vallend" - acrobats from around the world. Nick was just two years old when he first walked through the wire. And he saw in Niagara 6 years. One of the founders of "flying Vallend" grandfather Vallenda Nick Charles said: "Life is just a wire - everything else is just waiting." Carl Vallenda died in 1978, when he fell from the wire in San Juan. His wife also Vallendy acrobat and also walking on a wire. They have three children, but Nick does not want to walk in his footsteps. Therefore, children only cheer his father cries. All of them and their mother were present at the transition Nick Vallendoy Niagara Falls.

In any case, the ABC television host was the late compared with the actual time for a few seconds. Nobody, not even Nick Vallenda not immune from falling. And as his wife says: We go to the wire, and if we fall, we die. Guide channel required to put on a Vallenda during the transition falls belay leash. He has long resisted this condition, because never before in his life he and his ancestors did not use any means of fall arrest. Even his wife was against it: "It's like if Madonna suddenly starts singing to the sound recording." However, ABC insisted on his condition.

On "Twitter" during the transition, which took only 20 or so minutes, received 353 thousand posts, about 14 thousand messages per minute. When Vallenda graduated transition, he said he was going to take a few years on a rope thrown over the Grand Canyon.

Throughout the 550-meter path acrobat secures rescue helicopter and a group of divers. Vallenda wore a special non-slip suede moccasins with soles made for him mother. During the whole "journey" Vallenda using a wireless device maintained contact with his father - also a famous tightrope walker - who corrected and encouraged him. In addition, he managed to even answer questions.

Falls on the Niagara River, on which the waters of Lake Erie flows into Lake Ontario - the most powerful in North America. Height of the drop of water - 52 meters, and the flow rate - 1833 cubic meters per second.

First Niagara in 1859 moved the famous French circus tightrope walker Jean-Francois Gravle. He has several years surprised the audience "walks" over the waterfall, executing all sorts of tricks, none of which he repeated twice. So, one day he carried on the shoulders of his manager. Last Tightrope Dancer went over Niagara Falls in 1910. However, it Vallenda was the first to make the transition to such a short distance from the falls.

For the intersection of Niagara Falls watched more than 13 million viewers. It was also a record. Among the spectators were a couple of Lori Martin and Steve Trotter. In contrast to other viewers that they are interested wore historical. The fact that 17 years ago, they also defeated the Niagara Falls in a barrel. And they stayed alive. When I asked, "How did they react to trick Vallendy?" - Ms. Martin said that their adventure took place when they were tipsy after drinking tequila.Then, having got out of the barrel, Trotter and Martin went to prison, where stayed for 4 days.

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