Sunday, 31 March 2013

The list of most and least corrupt countries

Governmental international organization to fight corruption «Transparency International» published its annual list of the most corrupt countries in the world on a 10-point scale, where 0 - the most corrupt country, and 10 - the least corrupt. Compared to last year, some countries have changed their position in this ranking. So the U.S., Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary and some other countries have become less corrupt in 2010, compared with the past. Analysts blamed it on the financial crisis. The most corrupt countries are also the poorest. 

The most corrupt countries.

1. 1st place - Somalia, 1.1
Despite civil war and conflict in Somalia, there is a relatively healthy informal economic activities based mainly on household animal husbandry, money transfer and telecommunications.

2. 2nd place - Myanmar, 1.4
Formerly known as Burma, is a Southeast Asian country for more than 20 years suffered from the military regime, civil war and economic catastrophe. Most of the population lives below the poverty line, but many are hoping that the new constitution, presented this year to make a difference.

3. 2nd place, Afghanistan, 1.4
Since the late 1970s, Afghanistan mired in ongoing civil war and occupation. The country also suffers from the acts of the "Taliban".

4. 4th - Iraq, 1.5
The current government of Iraq is less than ten years, and it still depends on the U.S. occupation forces.

5. 5th place - Uzbekistan, 1.6
The country is a presidential republic, but imposes certain limits on human rights. Uzbekistan is often criticized for its human rights policies. In the photo: the graves of those killed in the Uzbek city of Andijan in 2005, when soldiers of President Islam Karimov opened fire on protesters.

6. 5th place - Sudan, 1.6
One of the poorest countries in the world - Sudan - for decades was dominated by dictators, and the International Criminal Court has recognized one of the recent presidents of the country guilty of war crimes.

7. 5th place - Turkmenistan, 1.6
The government is repressive. The country has a one-party political system.

8. 8th place - Chad, 1.7
Chad's main export product - oil. And a bribe - an integral part of this business. Recently there was an attempt to overthrow the ruling party - the Patriotic Liberation Movement.

9. 9th place - Burundi , 1.8
Burundi has the lowest GDP per capita in the world. The country is already suffering from decades of military conflicts between the tribes.

10. 10th - Republic of Equatorial Guinea, 1.9
Crude oil - the largest export product of the country. Guinea but constantly criticized for human rights abuses. The government is unstable, and the current president came to power after the revolt.

The least corrupt countries.

11. 10th place - Norway, 8.6
In Norway, which is one of the four Nordic countries as the least corrupt countries, the Anglo-Saxon legal code, which is over 1,000 years old.

12. 8th, Switzerland, 8.7
The population of this country, known for its neutrality, and the system of private banks, uniform and educated.

13. 8th place, Australia, 8.7
Former colony - now one of the major democratic powers in the world, the closest ally of the United States and other Western countries. Country supports freedom of speech, and boasts a highly educated population.

14. 7th - Netherlands, 8.9
Netherlands - one of the oldest parliamentary democracies in the world. Here is the International Court of Justice and other members of the global legislature.

15. 6th - Canada, 9.1
Canada - another parliamentary democracy with advanced legislation, strong diversified economy and a well-educated workforce.

16. 4th - Sweden, 9.2
This politically stable since the mid 17th century, has a highly-trained working database with important skills to master new technologies.

17. 4th - Finland, 9.2
Spain - one of the Scandinavian countries in the least corrupt Starn. Like its neighbors, Finland blagosostoyatelnaya country with high living standards and political stability.

18. 1st place - Singapore, 9.3
Government to oppose corruption, strict laws and one of the most severe legal codes in the developed world.

19. 1st place - New Zealand, 9.3
GDP per capita in this country - one of the highest in the world. The level of education is also very high.

20. 1st place - Denmark, 9.3
According to various studies and surveys, Denmark - the lucky country to live and the best place to do business. This is a socialist country with a high level of income equality.

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