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Unequal Marriage In Asian Countries

In the backward countries of Asia and today 40-70% of girls are married before the age of 18 to 12 years - 5-20% (maximum - in Yemen and Afghanistan.) Usually marriage with them is a bargain: the girl bought her husband, her senior by 3-5 times, and she has no right to terminate the "contract." Disobedient - terrible injury and even death to the girl.

Interpreter blog goes on to tell about the different kinds of "Asian spirituality", which has recently been opposed to "decadent West." Children's wedding in India, issue of girls aged 5-12 years old married 40-70-year-old men, the terrible punishment to disobey her husband's children - all those spiritual ties of which penetrated underdeveloped societies in Asia. There are also innovations, "tradition", "grandparents used to do", etc. supported eugenic and "research" - "Southern girls mature early," "to give birth in 14 years good for the body," etc.

True, the followers of the primitive New Age do not say anything about the subjectivity of the child. Be it American, Russian, German, Arabic or Pashtun, it is up to a certain age (usually 14-18 years) is considered fully or partially disabled. Violation of sexual integrity of the minor is called pedophilia and the "soulless West" severely punished. This is one of the main rules for mankind called civilized. A person applying for possession of child sexual recognized at the 10th revision of the International Classification of Diseases, the mentally ill.

In defense of his innocence traditionalists call religion and lead a hadith (saying of the Prophet Muhammad), which reads: Happy the father who married his daughter before she had the first period. They insist that their husbands, who took a wife of little girls to take care of them as their own children, before puberty. Supposedly this is the only opportunity for poor families to save the girls from poverty or are common practice of bride kidnapping (abduction of the girl did not sell).

According to the laws of most Western countries tens of millions of women in Africa and Asia for pedophilia would sit down for a long time in jail. But at home they are given full rights to this perversion.West prefers to ignore the fact that in the South, especially its allies (Saudi Arabia and Pakistan) millions of their citizens brutally violate human rights. Reports of child marriages usually go backdrop to some "funny news".

Here in Saudi Arabia, 90-year-old man has filed a lawsuit against the parents of his 15-year-old wife, who did not let him into the bedroom on their wedding night, and then just run away. Newlywed said in the lawsuit that the parents of the girl paid the bride-price of 17.5 thousand dollars. In a statement, he demanded his money back, or a wife.

Or even the news amuse the Western world and described the magazine Time. Girl from Yemen named Nuzhud, who is only 10 years old, married, and had visited a divorce, surprised reporter magazine Time. She became the youngest divorced wife in the world. Nuzhud interested in history the world press. New York magazine Glamour honored her the title of "Woman of the Year," and then she came to Paris to present his autobiography, written with her words journalistic Delphine Mina.

 On both photos - Nuzhud, liberated woman of the East
Following a 10-year Nudzhud inspired suit, filed for divorce her compatriot - 9-year-old Abdul Arva. Soon in neighboring Saudi Arabia divorce made another girl - 8-year-old wife of an adult male. Following them, the court was served 11 -, 12-year-old wife.

But not everyone is so lucky, as the Yemeni Nuzhud. In the backward world of married girls lose, brutally beaten and killed for the slightest offense. Often they could not stand the torture, decides to commit suicide, usually opting for this method such as self-immolation. Western media in recent years have bypassed many photos of girls in Afghanistan who decided to burn themselves, but miraculously survived. These pictures have appeared thanks to the American occupiers, suggestive of some kind of order in the country, including cutting off quite so egregious human rights violations.Here are some of the pictures of girls who survived self-immolation:

 A edition of the American magazine Time has decided to even put numbers on the cover, shot the Afghan girl whose face was disfigured by a militant "Taliban" for having tried to escape from the family because of abuse by their husband.

Above pictures of marriages, where girls are rarely more than 14-15 years old - from countries with strong spiritual scrapie.

 Afghanistan. 55-year-old Mohammed Saeed and 8-year-old Roshan Kasem daily engagement in the village Chavosh. 60-year-old father of the bride, Abdul Kasem said he feels miserable, giving the daughter of a strange house at such a young age, but deep poverty has left him no choice

 Afghanistan. Malalai Karar Police arrested a 35-year Janan after he tried to kill his 15-year-old wife Jamila. Jamil ran to her mother after years of abuse by her husband and in-laws. Janan pursued his wife, intending to kill her, but it was over the fact that he inflicted multiple stab wounds to her grandmother, who tried to protect her granddaughter. Jamila was engaged when she was only 1 year, and 10 married

 Afghanistan. 40-year-old Faiz Mohammed, and 11-year-old Ghulam Hyder in her parents' house before the wedding in the village Damarda

 Afghanistan. Madzhabbin Mohammed (left),  with her husband and his first wife

 Yemen. Tahani (in pink) was just six years old when she married Majed, 25 (standing next to her.) Another girl in the photo - she married when she was 8 years old

 Yemen. Young bride on the day before the wedding

Yemen. Information & 14-year-old mother, washes her second daughter. First she gave birth when she was 12 years old

 India. 5-year-old girl's father has on her wedding ceremony with a 14-year old boy

 India. This wedding ceremony

 India, Assam. Hasina stands with her husband Ali. She married at 13 years old at the time of photographing her 14.5 years, and it is on the 5th month of pregnancy

 India, Bhapay. Groom 14, bride 12 years

. India, Bhapay. The bride and groom to 7 years

 Yemen. 14-year Debritu escaped from her husband, she is in the center of the Red Cross - with wives of refugees

 Palestine, Gaza Strip. Mass wedding with young brides

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