Tuesday, 5 March 2013

What Happens to a Dead Elephant in Zimbabwe?

British photographer David Chensellor visited Zimbabwe, most of whose population is starving. In a national park, David photographed the process of cutting a dead elephant: in just two hours, local completely carried off huge carcass.The events unfolded in the national park Gonarezhu (Gonarezhou), the second largest reserve in Zimbabwe (an area of about 505,000 hectares), located in the southeast of the border with Mozambique.
Local residents found the carcass of a dead elephant that died of old age. Elephants live approximately the same as men, and in the wild, they usually die at the age of sixty years, and like many ruminants, from hunger. Now in Zimbabwe more than 2 million people need food aid. President Robert Mugabe's reforms led to economic disaster: in 2000-2009 the economy of Zimbabwe is experiencing a continuous decline.
Unemployment in the country exceeds 94%, constant shortage of essential goods. GDP per capita (purchasing power parity) - $ 200 This is the lowest of all the countries and territories worldwide. In addition, in Zimbabwe, more than a year rampant cholera.The locals took just two hours to leave the carcasses of shestitonnoy pile of bloody bones.After 24 hours of bone also died. All that remains - is a dark spot in the sand and fresh tracks of elephants that night went to a neighboring Mozambique.

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