Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Live mummy Valery Levitin

39-year-old Muscovite Valery Levitin, now living in Monaco, shared with the press of his hard life. As a teenager, she moved with her family to live permanently abroad, where she gained a lot of friends, and more attention from men. As is often the case, one case in one sentence - change a person's life forever. Rude remark about her weight to make a girl voluntarily give up eating in the pursuit of beauty. The desire to lose weight has grown into anorexia. To date, Valery Levitin weighs 25 kg, it is Forced to constantly fed by well-defined schema. Valeria hopes that dieters do not follow suit.

Photos of the last days of the USSR

These shocking pictures if made during the Great Depression - but in fact they show life in the last years of the Soviet Union, less than three decades ago. The store shelves are often empty, in the order of things was to stand in long queues to buy food, and many people seem to wear out the age-old poverty. A terrible state of the economy in the USSR, while the standard of living in the West is improving rapidly, the result of the communist political system that stifled free enterprise and suspended the country's movement from its feudal past. As these photos to the 1980s, the system was close to collapse as soon as the liberal reforms of Mikhail Gorbachev's just opened the door all the louder the calls for change, and December 26, 1991, after only a few years after you've made these pictures, the Soviet Union disintegrated.

Monday, 29 April 2013

Russian Rufer on the roofs of Dubai

Vadim wrote fotobloger Mahora: "Back in Berlin under the delicious German beer we Vitali Raskalovym the idea to go out together, just like old times poshatatsya some new high-rise buildings in the city for us. Since Russia is over for us, it was decided to head for the United Arab Emirates, one of the most beautiful cities in the world and high-rise - Dubai. Even then, we did not know that it would be the coolest of our travels. "

View of the first traffic circle (First Interchange on Sheikh Zayed Road) and the Burj Khalifa - the tallest building in the world. Dubai has impressed me even before I landed. Our plane was landing, and all that I saw out the window - this is a huge road junctions in the desert and the abundance of the road "grid" with no houses that are intended to generate future quarters.Next was the airport terminal, on which I was an infinite number of minutes just to get to passport control. In Dubai, everything is big, so the airport is also bound to be great.Faced with the vital and mister_marat , I first learned that we have to live in a two star hotel somewhere near the airport.As it turned out, though two-star hotel, cheap, but for convenience it udelyvaet our three-and some of the four. By the way, a few days later we found out that our hotel there is also a brothel located there illegally.In the brothel, we did not go there. Although Marat told me that accidentally passed by and two zdorvennyh Negro touted him to come inside, but when they learned that he was only 21 years old, they said that even for such small pleasures

Backyard Dream

I think everyone of us mere mortals, do not dream of a beautiful cozy house somewhere in a quiet area, away from the hustle and bustle of the city? Moreover, such a "dream house" must be back yard "in the subject." For example, as this court in the Netherlands, designed by «Centric Design Group». Not the yard, and just a dream!

Sunday, 28 April 2013

15 amazing creatures that do not see without a microscope

1. Worm

Colorful flowering lupines at Lake Tekapo

Lake Tekapo - the second largest of the three, roughly parallel lakes located between the north and south along the northern edge of the Mackenzie Basin in the South Island of New Zealand. Lake - a real photographer's dream, with the mountains and snow capped peaks, turquoise blue lake and charmingly beautiful little church. Every year from mid-November to December, the beauty enhanced by colorful flowering lupine. Russell lupine (Lupinus polyphyllus) is an exotic plant that can grow up to 1.5 meters in height. It is a constant variety, the seeds are planted in the summer, die back for the winter to be resurfaced next summ.  Flowers are like peas and have a variety of colorings - blue, purple, orange, yellow, pink, white or a mixture of the two colors. Leaves are divided into processes, reminiscent of the fingers. Strong baskets with seeds ripen and explode in the summer heat, releasing a lot of dark brown seeds. Russell lupins were planted in 1950 at the height of Connie Scott Godley, when the seed was scattered along the sides of the main highway. These high spikes now grow in bundance along many roadsides and open areas around the villages, and throughout the scenic area Mackenzie. The variety of colors makes a stunning area of ​​Lake Tekapo photographers paradise.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Most interesting abandoned places in the world

1. Christ of the Abyss in San Fruttuoso in Italy.

Adolf Hitler's life in pictures

"By the 124th anniversary of Adolf Hitler": Adolf Hitler ... About him thousands of pages, historians and political scientists, philosophers, and writers are turning to his identity, trying to understand the phenomenon of Hitler. We try to look at the life of this controversial personality through the lens of a small collection of rare archival photographs, arranged in chronological order.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Abandoned hotel igloo in Alaska

Even in the freezing Alaskan wasteland it is not every day you meet. A huge needle. It is on the George Parks Highway, 290 km of Anchorage, on the way to the city of Fairbanks. By the way, this is not just a needle - it's Igloo City, a former hotel, and now - abandoned the "black sheep". Yet it is still popular with tourists, but now as a tourist attraction.

A dream treehouse

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Metropol Parasol The World's Largest Wooden Structure

Metropol Parasol is a wooden structure located at La Encarnación square, in the old quarter of Seville, Spain. Designed by German architect Jürgen Mayer-Hermann, the structure resembles a grove of prefabricated wooden trees soaring 26 meters into the air. It has dimensions of 150 by 70 metres and claims to be the largest wooden structure in the world. The building is popularly known as Las Setas de la Encarnación (Incarnación's mushrooms).
The Metropol Parasol actually is a device for revitalising the Plaza de la Encarnación, which was used as a parking lot for years and seen as a dead spot between more popular tourist destinations in the city. The structure consists of six parasols in the form of giant mushrooms, whose design is inspired by the vaults of the Cathedral of Seville and the ficus trees in nearby Plaza de Cristo de Burgos. The Parasol contains a market, shops, and a podium for concerts and events. In the basement is an Antiquarium, where Roman and Moorish remains discovered on-site are displayed in a museum. On the roof there is an open-air public plaza, shaded by the wooden parasols above and designed for public events. There are panoramic terraces, including a restaurant, offering one of the best views of the city centre.

Neptune Memorial Reef An Underwater Cemetery

Originally known as the Atlantis Memorial Reef, the Neptune Memorial Reef is an underwater mausoleum for cremated remains. Located 3.25 miles east of Key Biscayne in Miami, Florida, it is also the world's largest man-made reef, covering over 65,000 square-meters of ocean floor, at a depth of 40 feet. Instead of spreading ashes over ocean waters, people can take the remains of a loved one to Neptune Memorial Reef, where the ashes are mixed with cement designed for underwater use and fitted into a mold, which a diver then places and secures into the reef. A copper and bronze plaque is then installed next to the structure and you are given a photo album with images from the installation.
The project was initially supposed to be simply a replica of “the Lost City of Atlantis”, but then it shifted towards a more profitable goal by becoming the world’s first underwater cemetery and memorial park. Only a half an acre has been constructed, but when completed the cemetery-cum-reef will cover 16 acres. Already the reef has started to resemble the Lost City with bronze statues of lions, majestic columns and sculptures of shells and starfish. There will be underwater roads leading to a central feature with benches and statuary. The first phase is estimated to be able to accommodate 850 remains, with an eventual goal of more than 125,000.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Pre-Inca Salt Pools at Maras, Peru

Located 40 kilometers north of Cuzco in Peru, in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, lies the town of Maras, well known for its nearby salt evaporation ponds, that’s been in use since Inca times. Thousands of uneven square-shaped ponds dot the slopes of the hillside less than a kilometer west of the town. These pre-Inca salt pools were constructed during the Chanapata culture between AD 200 and AD 900. Highly salty water emerging from the Qoripujio spring, close to the head of the valley, is directed into an intricate network of tiny channels constructed so that the water runs gradually down onto the several hundred ancient terraced ponds. Almost all the ponds are less than four meters square in area, and none exceeds thirty centimeters in depth. The flow of water is carefully controlled and monitored by the workers. The altitude of the ponds slowly decreases, so that the water may flow through the myriad branches of the water-supply channels and be introduced slowly through a notch in one sidewall of each pond.

Bailong Elevator An Elevator Built Into the Side of a Mountain

Have you ever taken an elevator ride to the top of a mountain? No? Then you haven’t been to Wulingyuan in Zhangjiajie, China, because if you had, you would have surely seen the towering Bailong Elevator built into the side of a huge cliff. Also known as Hundred Dragons Elevator, this glass elevator stands 330 meters tall and is claimed to be the highest and heaviest outdoor elevator in the world. Quite possibly, it is the only elevator in the world that lets people ride up a cliff.
The elevator can take ~48 passengers at once to the top, a journey that takes 2 seconds shy of 2 minutes. After it was built, the lift was said to be the world's tallest full-exposure outdoor lift, tallest double-deck sightseeing elevator, and the fastest passenger elevator with the biggest capacity. The elevator was built during 1999 and 2002 at the cost of 120 million yuan or $19 million. The project was met with fierce criticism from environmentalists who were angry that it was sited in the middle of a World Heritage Site.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Monarch Butterfly Migration

The Monarch butterfly (scientific name: Danaus plexippus) is perhaps the best known of all North American butterflies. It is easily recognizable by its bright orange-red wings, with black veins and white spots along the edges. The Monarch butterfly is famous for its southward migration from Canada to Mexico and the northward return back to Canada in summer. Every fall, millions of these butterflies fly west to their wintering grounds in California and Mexico, covering the trees there with their bright shimmering wings. These butterflies congregate into colonies, clustering onto the pine and oyamel trees. In many cases, they are so thick that the trees turn orange in color and branches sag from the weight. It’s a remarkable sight that attracts scores of tourists. The Monarchs are the only butterfly that migrates both north and south as the birds do regularly, but no individual makes the entire round trip, because the migration period spans the life of three to four generations of the butterfly. Monarch butterflies are also one of the few insects which can cross the Atlantic.

Raised Footprints in Snow

In extremely cold places, such as in Antarctica or in high altitudes, sometimes you get to see a peculiar phenomenon – footprints that are raised rather than depressed in the snow. What actually happens is when you step in the snow, the snow gets compressed and hardens, and then the wind blows the loose snow away leaving the once sunken footprints standing hard and proud on the surface. Eventually, the hardened snow gets eroded as well, but it takes weeks or even months. Raised snow footprints can last quite a while before all traces of the footprints are eroded away. Because it requires more than a gale to blow away snow, raised footprints are often taken as an indicator of windslab and in mountain slopes, as potential avalanche danger. This is why you won’t see raised footprints in your backyard, unless you live in McMurdo.

Top 25 Most Beautiful Hollywood Actress

1. Natalie Portman - Actress, V for Vendetta
Natalie Portman was born Natalie Hershlag on June 9, 1981 in Jerusalem, Israel to a Jewish family. She is the only child of a doctor father (from Israel) and an artist mother (from Cincinnati, Ohio), who also acts as Natalie's agent. She left Israel for Washington, D.C., when she was still very young...

Monday, 22 April 2013

Farm Lands From Above Aerial Photography by Alex MacLean

Aerial photographer Alex MacLean has been photographing the American landscape from his four-seat Cessna 182 ever since he got his flight permit in 1975. MacLean has a Master’s degree in architecture and began flying as a way of doing site analysis. He was soon drawn towards the aesthetics of farmland, “in part because of its natural response to environmental conditions, climates, soils and topography.” MacLean estimates he has spent about 6,000 hours in the sky photographing American farms. “A lot of what I photograph is through discovery of seeing crops, seeing patterns,” MacLean says. “Some is calculated, an example being wheat farming in the Palouse, dry-land farming in Montana and cranberry farming in Cape Cod.”

Palawan Island Philippines

The Many Thousand Temples of Bagan, Myanmar

Located on the banks of the Ayeyarwady (Irrawaddy) River, in the Mandalay Region of Burma, lies the ancient city of Bagan. From the 9th to 13th centuries, the city was the capital of the Kingdom of Pagan, and the political, economic and cultural nerve center of the Pagan Empire. During the kingdom's height between the 11th and 13th centuries, the wealthy Pagan rulers commissioned thousands of temples to be built in the Bagan plains. It is estimated that over 10,000 Buddhist temples, pagodas and monasteries once stood on this 100 square km plain in central Myanmar, of which the remains of over 2200 temples and pagodas still survive to the present day.
Bagan became a central powerbase in the mid 9th century under King Anawratha, who unified Burma under Theravada Buddhism. Over the course of 250 years, Bagan's rulers and their wealthy subjects constructed over 10,000 religious monuments in the Bagan plains. The prosperous city grew in size and grandeur, and became a cosmopolitan center for religious and secular studies. Monks and scholars from as far as India, Ceylon as well as the Khmer Empire came to Bagan to study prosody, phonology, grammar, astrology, alchemy, medicine, and law.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Top 10 most attractive female news anchors

10 - Susan Hendricks (Headline News/CNN) 
Susan Hendricks is the first of our female news anchors. She’s with CNN and CNN Headline News based in CNN’s world headquarters in Atlanta. Hendricks also appears occasionally on CNN Pipeline, CNN.com’s on-demand broadband news service. Also fills-in for Robin Meade on Morning Express with Robin Meade.  Hendricks is originally from New Brunswick, New Jersey and graduated in 1991 from the Hun School of Princeton in Princeton Township, New Jersey.  Hendricks earned a bachelor’s degree in mass communications from Arizona State University.  Hendricks pulls off a rare combination of Jersey Girl hair and California Girl looks which we find quite appealing.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Footbridge “Slinky Springs To Fame”

This unusual pedestrian bridge is located in Oberhausen, Germany. The bridge consists of 496 steel ring and goes to the river Rhine. Locals especially like to walk on bridge at night, because the lighting is beautiful.

Pebble Beach And Cliff of Etretat in France

Étretat is a commune in the Seine-Maritime department in the Haute-Normandie region in northern France. It is a tourist and farming town situated about 32 km (20 mi) northeast of Le Havre.Three massive natural stone arches at both ends of Etretat Plage inspired the impressionist painters Boudin, Monet and Manet. This stretch of Alabaster Coast, northeast of Le Havre, has been classified as a site of “national importance”. The pebbled beach, sparked with quartz geodes, is wrapped in dramatic cliffs eroded into giant formations and offshore needles. Two of the arches, the Porte d’Aval and the Porte Amont, can be seen from the town; a third, the Manneport, only reveals itself after a walk at low tide when 17th century oyster beds also emerge from the sea.

20 Stunning Landscape Photography

11 Things You May Not Know About Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt stood as one of the world’s most advanced civilizations for nearly 3,000 years and created a culture so rich that it has spawned its own field of study. But while Egyptian art, architecture and burial methods have become enduring objects of fascination, there is still a lot you probably don’t know about these famed builders of the pyramids. From the earliest recorded peace treaty to ancient board games, find out 11 surprising facts about the Gift of the Nile.

1. Cleopatra was not Egyptian. 

Along with King Tut, perhaps no figure is more famously associated with ancient Egypt than Cleopatra VII. But while she was born in Alexandria, Cleopatra was actually part of a long line of Greek Macedonians originally descended from Ptolemy I, one of Alexander the Great’s most trusted lieutenants. The Ptolemaic Dynasty ruled Egypt from 323 to 30 B.C., and most of its leaders remained largely Greek in their culture and sensibilities. In fact, Cleopatra was famous for being one of the first members of the Ptolemaic dynasty to actually speak the Egyptian language.

The Cutest Baby Animals in World

Red Beauty of Africa is waiting

The explosion in the marathon in Boston - the first terrorist attack in the U.S. after 9/11

In the U.S., the first time since Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attack occurred. At least 3 lives taken away by two explosions at the finish of the Boston Marathon. On Monday, at the finish of the oldest marathon in the street next Goodwill in Boston, were powered by improvised explosive devices. As a result of explosions at 02:50 minutes on the U.S. east coast time at an interval of 12 seconds, three people were killed, including eight children. According to preliminary information, injured more than 140 people. These bombings were the first terrorist attack in the United States after the attack the militants of Al-Qaeda attack on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the White House in 2001, which claimed the lives of nearly three thousand people.

Two explosions near the Boston Marathon finish line in downtown Boston, Massachusetts. At least three people were killed (including one child) and dozens were injured. On the incident investigation began.

12,000 bells on the tree

Last year, the New Zealand artist Tiffany Singh has created his latest amazing installation entitled «Drums Between The Bells» (Drums between the bells). This installation consists of 12,000 bells hanging on white ribbon with a massive old tree in the center of Melbourne.

"The name 'Drums between the bells" - a kind of metaphor for our understanding between the physical and the spiritual world, "- explains the artist.

China's beautiful scenery of the river poets and artists

Although the world a lot of places that can be called "a photographer's dream," but very few of them can make you feel like you were inside a beautiful picture. One such place is the River Lee. It is located in the Chinese province of Guangxi, and it is called "the river of poets and artists," since it is surrounded by incredibly beautiful landscapes - rolling green hills, cone-shaped limestone peaks and terraced rice fields. Portion of the river between the cities of Guilin and Yangshuo is particularly renowned for its spectacular views.

With the river Lee is also associated fishing with cormorants - the age-old way of fishing, in which fishermen use specially nadressirovannyh birds - cormorants.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

15 landscape photographs Palau

Republic of Palau - an island nation in the Philippine Sea of ​​the Pacific Ocean, located 800 km to the east of the Philippines and north of IndonesiaIt consists of 328 islands with a total area of ​​only 458 square meters. km., and a population of 20,842 people. Despite these icroscopic, Palau has all the attributes of any other state, as well as the division by 16 states, but does not have its own army and currency - a country to protect the United States, as well as means of payment used by the U.S. dollar. But all of us to this dwarf country interesting first-round summer, beautiful landscapes and unique nature.

Kamchatka snow cave

Denis writes Bud'ko aka ratbud: "The end point of our photo tour was Mutnovsky. I come here every year, but this time it was different. Last winter was very little snow, and even to the same dawned hot summer. Therefore snowfields that never conceal this year is very much reduced in size. As a result, open a passage in the snow cave beneath them. "

Snow cave on the slopes of the volcano Mutnovskiy. 

Unusual rock in Australia

 Unusual rocks - one of the most famous symbols of Kangaroo Island in Australia. They rise up to 60 meters above the crashing waves at Flinders Chase National Park, on the western side of Kangaroo Island. This collection of huge granite boulders, erosion corroded, that rise above the lava dome. The shape of the boulders gave wind, rain and sea water for over 500 million years. Golden-orange lichen covering some of the stones, and a variety of forms offer visitors plenty of opportunities for photos at any time of the day. Rocks are composed of granite, which appeared in the Earth's crust during the Ordovician Period, about 500 million years ago.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The strange beauty of the salt mines

Salt is an essential element for all people and animals. It is found in abundance here on Earth, but it still requires the removal of the stone deposits or salt water. In the process of extraction of salt can create beautiful scenery, including a deep, strong caves, colorful puddles and geometric carving. Some of these sites even have become popular among tourists, acting as concert halls, museums and recreation centers that offer galotherapy. This article contains images of salt mines around the world, above and below ground.

One of the colorful salt pools on the Uyuni salt lake, which is part of a pilot plant lithium salts, located at an altitude of 3656 meters above sea level, which owns the world's largest reserves of lithium, in the southwest of Bolivia,

Taum Sauk Hydroelectric Power Station

Hydroelectric power stations are typically located near water sources, or on the source itself, such as dams on rivers. But Taum Sauk Hydroelectric Power Station is located more than 80 kilometers from the nearest water source – the Mississippi river. Built on top of the mountainous St. Francois region of the Missouri Ozarks, approximately 140 km south of St. Louis near Lesterville, Missouri, the Taum Sauk Hydroelectric Power Station is a pure pumped-storage hydroelectric plant, designed to help meet peak power demands during the day. During periods of high electrical demand, water stored in a kidney-shaped reservoir on top of Proffit Mountain is released through turbines into a lower reservoir, two kilometers away, on the East Fork of the Black River. At night, when electrical demand is low, the excess electricity available on the power grid is used to pump water back to the mountaintop. In essence, the power plant functions like a huge battery, storing excess power until it is needed.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Stunning Mountain That Inspired Avatar's 'Floating Peaks'

There is a place in China where your breath will be taken away for hours. You will feel like being inside the Avatar movie surrounded by fantastic Pandora world and floating mountains. This place is called Zhangjiajie and it is located in Hunan province, China. Zhangjiajie is famous for its stunning mountains where the American blockbuster Avatar was filmed. If you have watched the movie, you should be able to imagine the beauty of this place. Nevertheless, watching a movie and experiencing it yourself in real life are two different things. Once you stand in front of the floating mountains you will be knocked out by its power of beauty. When it gets foggy the mountains look like they were slowly floating in the air and then falling to the ground. Don’t worry, no mountain will fall on your head, and there are no flying monsters, the rocks stand solid on the ground.

You can see this World Heritage Site in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. It takes pproximately 3 days to fully explore the area without missing anything important. The heights will leave you speechless, walkways on vertical cliffs built 800 meters above the ground. Thankfully you won’t have to climb it, there are cable cars, which connect the town with the mountain range. Chinese claim it’s the longest one in the world. At one point you can find yourself walking on the glass so look down, if you dare!

Monday, 15 April 2013

Young girl who’s best friends with African wildlife

Born in Africa to French wildlife photographer parents, Tippi Degré had a most unusual childhood. The young girl grew up in the African desert and developed an uncommon bond with many untamed animals including a 28-year old African elephant named Abu, a leopard nicknamed J&B, lion cubs, giraffes, an Ostrich, a mongoose, crocodiles, a baby zebra, a cheetah, giant bullfrogs, and even a snake. Africa was her home for many years and Tippi became friends with the ferocious animals and tribespeople of Namibia. As a young child, the French girl said, “I don’t have friends here. Because I never see children. So the animals are my friends.”

Beautiful Places To Experience Around The World - 4

Yushan National Park, Taiwan

Beautiful Places To Experience Around The World -3

The Sphinx, Giza, Egypt

Beautiful Places To Experience Around The World -2

Tian Tan Buddha on Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Beautiful Places To Experience Around The World -1

Preachers Rock, Preikestolen, Norway

Decommissioned Sea Fort Reborn as Luxury Island Retreat

After being sold by the Ministry of Defense in 1982, the decommissioned Spitbank Fort went through a number of private owners before finally being purchased by Clarenco Group and its executive chairman, Buckinghamshire entrepreneur Mike ClareLed by Clare, the group spent $4.5 million to refurbish the former military stronghold and transform it into a luxury island resort that is fast emerging as one of the top getaway destinations in the U.K. 

Sunday, 14 April 2013

10 Most Beautiful Natural Swimming Pools in the World

As the mercury rises it’s hard not to daydream about taking a dip in the cool, crystal-clear blue-green waters of some imagined paradise. These photos of 10 most beautiful natural swimming spots around the world, from a deadly pool atop 360-foot falls to a mirage-like oasis in the desert of Arizona, will have you booking a flight or at least searching for a cool swimming hole close to home.
1. Little River Canyon, Alabama

Within the deepest canyon east of the Mississippi River is the Little River, which plunges into the canyon and then meanders through it for 12 miles, offering up a number of beautiful swimming holes that are popular with locals in the heat of summer. Swimmers jump off sandstone rocks into the water both at the base of the falls and an area on the canyon floor known as ‘Hippie Hole’.

Beautiful Blue Lake Cave In Brazil

Blue lake cave in Brasil is one of the most beautiful and most famous lakes in world. Amazing fact is that no human set foot inside the magnificent cave lake.This lake was founded in 1924 when an Indian discovered it. This cave is really deep, and inside it divers discovered lots of mammals fossils and bones, which one belongs to Saber-tooth tiger. Water in this lake is really clear and human eye can see bottom of the lake down to 295 feet. This is something amazing.

Most Popular Ski Resorts in Turkey

Uludag is located 36 kilometers (22 miles) from Bursa and is one of the most popular ski resorts in Turkey. Although as winter travel destination under development, Uludag attracts the attention of people since ancient times, with its numerous examples of early Ottoman architecture and archaeological sites to be found in these parts. Uludag in ancient times it was, where according to legend, the gods watched the Trojan war.
The highest mountain in northwestern Turkey Kara Tepe, high 2543 meters (2781 yards), you can see all the way from Istanbul, 276 kilometers (171 miles) away. Uludag attracts tourists all year round thanks to its green forests, valuable historical monuments, thermal baths and modern accommodation. Ski season lasts five months, from December to April, and there are 13 ski runs of varying severity that are associated with 24 different lifts. The most popular activities for tourists are definitely skiing and hiking, and relaxing in the numerous spa centers. For those who after all-day of winter sports, want to party, minibuses from Bursa to the top of the mountain you can catch an every hour. This very beautiful and attractive ski-center contains numerous bars, restaurants and shops.

Unusual Night in Nature

Two French hotel/camp,  Attrape Reves in Bouches-du-Rhone (near Marseille) and Sky River near Loir-et-Cher,  are the places where you can sleep under the stars. Concept of sleeping in balloons are designed by French designer Pierre Stefan, wanting to create an environmentally friendly space: when a plastic bubble pack, the area remains almost intact. Balloons are small and cozy, their diameter is about four meters. Some are completely transparent, while others provide a little more privacy.
Of course, if you want comfort that provides, for example, “Ric”, these unusual balloons are probably not for you. But if you want to fully protected sleep surrounded by nature and watch the stars from bed – go to this travel destination. Maybe you wake up when squirrel staring at your face ? Let’s just hope no bears around.
Sleeping under the stars gets a new meaning in the unusual “camps” in France – visitors are accommodated in nature under the open sky. Of course, there are more luxurious variants, and those with deeper pockets can choose balloons that are placed above the Whirlpool tub.

The Beautiful Honeymoon Destination Maldives Island

Maldives is a very small country, which have 1190 islands and is located in Indian Ocean near Sri Lanka. Maldives is well known because of the natural prettiness of the tiny islands.In each and every island there’s pure milky white sand around. It makes everyone attractive. If you just watch at a Maldivian Island you will feel like a precious thing is lying on the crystal blue sea. And if you see them on upside, you will conceive that diamonds are lying on a dark blue sea.

You just have to sit at the beach and close your eyes. You will feel the soft cold breeze that touches your body. You will hear the music playing of coconut fronds, and the sound of waves. It will your mind fresh and make your day imperturbable. When you open your eyes you will see waves crashing at your feet like crystals are crashing. And the most astonishing thing is something that sparkles at the beach at night while waves crashing.Isn’t it great? You will never get bore here. And also there are so sympathetic people to take care of you here. And there are not so many vehicles or vessels to interrupt you like in big cities.

The Best Honeymoon Destination Bora Bora Island

Bora Bora is an island in the Leeward group of the Society Islands of French Polynesia, an overseas collectivity of France in the Pacific Ocean. The island, located about 230 km (140 mi) northwest of Papeete, is surrounded by a lagoon and a barrier reef. In the centre of the island are the remnants of an extinct volcano rising to two peaks, Mount Pahia and Mount Otemanu, the highest point at 727 m (2,385 ft).
Bora Bora is a major international tourist destination, famous for its aqua-centric luxury resorts. The major settlement, Vaitape, is on the western side of the main island, opposite the main channel into the lagoon. Produce of the island is mostly limited to what can be obtained from the sea and the plentiful coconut trees, which were historically of economic importance for copra. According to a census performed in 2008, the permanent population of Bora Bora is 8,880.

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