Thursday, 4 April 2013

Ballet School for horses

With amazing grace two horses dressage art output to a new level! Almonzor and OKL, Breed Spanish Andalusian horses, they know how, they say, pull the sock. In the UK, the classical school of dressage horses was 300 years old. Higher riding school - a kind of ballet school for horses. The horse is doing an incredible amount of different dance tricks, moves and canter, which are called "flying over the earth."

 In these amazing pictures of these horses perform a real ballet.

 White pole in the center of the arena is used to teach the horse to walk on the "compress" the circle.

These photos were taken in Derbyshire - now the only place where practice "high school horse food."

19-year-old Ben Atkinson teaches 6-year-old mare OKL perform movements such as the "cabriole" when the horse leaves the ground at the same time all four hooves.

They say, this discipline has appeared on the battlefield in the 17th century, when the cavalry had to carefully hold the horse of infantry, but historians now more inclined to think that, most likely, she appeared on the exercise, during which the horses were ready for war.

 Three hundred years ago the British were the leaders in the sport. "High School" appeared in the country thanks to William Cavendish, Duke of Newcastle and the riding master at the court of Charles II.

However, once this art reached its climax, it began to die out in the UK, and now the Spanish and French are the leaders in this field.

Cavendish is still regarded as the father of the school.

 Dressage became a hit on the London 2012 Olympics, where the British team won five medals.

Charlotte Dyuarden charmed countrymen with his performance on the horse Valegro, winning the gold medal.

This illustration shows the riding horses in the 17th century - the horse performs a perfect jump.

So room for dressage in Derbyshire looked 300 years ago.

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