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Bulgaria: The cave eating Dupka

Writes blogger lusika33: "Unplanned cave occurred because of a successful purchase the ticket for the return flight. The girl at the front desk sincerely wondered why we have not departed from Bulgaria 2 months ago, as written on the ticket. Trying to buy a new ticket for the same day was not a success and, in general, tickets to Moscow was not on the week ahead.However, after some time searching online Aeroflot formed exactly two empty seats and a small amount for our carriers (and really, is not this a lot - 20,000 rubles per person per three-hour flight without dinner?) We became the owners of missing home. Plus: Draw another day in Bulgaria and our Bulgarian friend, throwing all his affairs, took us to another trip. "

Cave Saeva hole (po-bolg. eating Dupka) is one of nine well-appointed cave in Bulgaria. It is situated near the village of Brestnitsa, Lovech region, 90 km from Sofia. The name comes from the two twin brothers Syyu and Shoyu who found it by accident and hid it in the time of Ottoman rule. The cave is among the hundred national tourist sites in Bulgaria. This is one of the most beautiful caves in the world, and the largest stalactite in it has a circumference of 60 meters.

View back to the cave entrance. When working on the improvement of the cavity in the ground were found animal bones, pottery and Roman coins. Saeva hole was already landscaped in 1967, but in 1990, looted and closed. Once again, it was opened in 2004

The first room after the entrance is called "Solomon's seal" because of the similarity with the shock, kopoy.

The cave is 520 meters above sea level, its length is 205 meters, the age of 3 million years, the thickness of "ceiling" of 12 meters and a cave at a depth of 70 meters has a river. In these caves, special air to breathe tell them useful for the prevention of lung disease. Here, the constant temperature 7 ° -11 °, the humidity between 90: and 98%.

If we look at the photos, you can see a great variety of small stalactites on the arches of the hall.

The second hall - it is the same "Srutishte." It was formed as a result of a massive earthquake and there are scattered everywhere large fragments of rocks.During an earthquake in 1893 all the stalactites in the room came off and fell to the floor of the cave. In their place, what you see is the formation of new ones.

Great education, something resembling a pipe organ in Catholic churches ...

 In the hall of the "Harman" wonderful acoustics, enabling it to give concerts. In the hall singing Haralan Emil Dimitrov, Mariya Hristova and Lili Ivanova. But what is more surprising, in SYEVA Dupki held ... wedding! If you're a non-traditional things and do not want to spoil the makeup in the heat, why not celebrate your wedding in a cave where the temperature does not rise above 10.8 degrees? This survey was conducted a few films.

 Well here you can dream up, even though the correct answer, I think everything will be called immediately

Green algae (or moss?) Add color to the surrounding picture. Although due to the lack of light the eye can see such a picture is not always the case.

 Pretty ssykotno feeling when you walk under such stakes on the ceiling. After all, the top can fly! You'll then lie like a thread at the end of the vampire horror film

 Here is a homely formation - a rare thing - heliktit. Heliktity formed as well as stalagmites, but constant air streams are flowing from the stone toward the solution of your movement and therefore heliktit growing up or down.

Space Hall received its name because of the karst deposits resembling a rocket taking off (here, as with the constellations, need a powerful imagination

This White Castle Hall (Beliyat The Castle), named after this stalacton resembling a castle (there is also need to string up a fantasy)

 In general, once udalogs not find in the internet any interesting information or legends about this cave, though, for sure, with such a huge cave of their due amount. So just continue to admire the beauty of the ...

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