Monday, 8 April 2013

Green carpets of tea plantations in India

Munnar - a picturesque town nestled Indian state of Kerala at an altitude of 1800m. It is a very picturesque place with numerous tea plantations, spice gardens and mountain valleys. The hills are literally covered with a continuous layer of tea leaves that gives this place is absolutely fantastic view.

Munnar - the famous hill resort of Kerala and a major center of tea cultivation, he is at an altitude of 1520 meters, in the area of ​​Idduki.

There are three mountain rivers merge Nalathanni, Madurapuzha and Kundala, the name of the town means "three rivers".

The town is divided into two parts - a tourist and "industrial", serving tea plantations owned by industrial giant Tata corporation (also manufactures trucks).

In 2000 he was declared Munnar tourist area, there are popular hotels, located on the slopes of the picturesque mountains covered with tea plantations.

Staying here is colored with fantastic views, the noise of the jungle and the taste of tea, several species of which is brewed in every hotel.

This hill station is marked by vast areas of tea plantations, colonial bungalows, streams, waterfalls and cool weather. This - is also an ideal destination for trekking and mountain biking.

Located at an altitude of about 1,600 m city features a refreshing climate, with invigorating winter mornings and relentless heavy rains during the monsoon.

Bordered by high mountains - among which is the highest mountain peak in South India - Anamudi (2695 m) - it is also very picturesque, and when the fog clears away the river, the surrounding peaks form a beautiful natural background carefully manicured plantations carpeting the bottom of the slopes and valleys.

Greenery and coolness of Munnar attract mostly wealthy couples from Mumbai and Bangalore during their honeymoon.

However, more and more foreigners are staying here for a few days, tempted by the wonderful views during the journey by bus from Periyyara on high ridges, lush tropical forests Cardamom hills, mountains, or at least scenic climbing ghat of Madurai.

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