Thursday, 4 April 2013

Kayak next to the lava

Imagine that you are floating in the kayak on the water at 50 degrees, and somewhere close by with a loud hiss in the water flowing molten lava of an active volcano. Do you think this is a terrible nightmare? A team desperate for paddlers from Brazil is just working life. Why not make that a good film?

  Pedro Oliva from Brazil swims just meters from the lava of Kilauea Volcano on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. He was part of an expedition to study the little-known routes for kayaking. (Alexandre Socci / Barcroft Media)

But Pedro just swim a little - he decided to get out of the boat and explore the coastline on foot. He even felt the heat of lava (700-1000 º C) on its oars.

The group, which studied all day lava coming down a 60-meter cliff, floated on the water temperature reaches 50 º C.

 If you omit the hand in the water, you can get burned.

 This group was filming the last part of the TV program "Kayaks", which is a Brazilian channel.

 During a trip last month they explored four islands - Big, Maui, Kauai and Oahu.

 They sailed through the 300 waterfalls and rivers.

Hot lava flows down the slopes of Kilauea Volcano into the Pacific Ocean.

 Daredevil Pedro Oliva swims next to the lava.

 "One of the greatest dangers were poisonous vapor that appears when the lava in contact with water. You could hear the sound of sizzling lava. "

 It was something unforgettable "- say kayakers.

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