Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Live mummy Valery Levitin

39-year-old Muscovite Valery Levitin, now living in Monaco, shared with the press of his hard life. As a teenager, she moved with her family to live permanently abroad, where she gained a lot of friends, and more attention from men. As is often the case, one case in one sentence - change a person's life forever. Rude remark about her weight to make a girl voluntarily give up eating in the pursuit of beauty. The desire to lose weight has grown into anorexia. To date, Valery Levitin weighs 25 kg, it is Forced to constantly fed by well-defined schema. Valeria hopes that dieters do not follow suit.

Valery Levitin on the coast of Monaco. (Rosie Hallam / Barcroft Media)

Valeria with her mother. (Rosie Hallam / Barcroft Media)

Valeri walking down the street. Passers-shun her as a ghost. (Rosie Hallam / Barcroft Media)

During an interview at his home. (Rosie Hallam / Barcroft Media)

Valeria is basking in the sun at the terrace. (Rosie Hallam / Barcroft Media)

Portrait of a woman. (Rosie Hallam / Barcroft Media)

Children Valery Levitin. (Barcroft Media)

27-year-old Valeria in exile. (Barcroft Media)

A girl in my youth. (Barcroft Media)

Shortly before the decision to lose weight. (Barcroft Media)

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