Saturday, 27 April 2013

Most interesting abandoned places in the world

1. Christ of the Abyss in San Fruttuoso in Italy.

2. City Kolmanskop in the desert of Namibia.

3.Zabroshennye dome home in southwest Florida.

4. Wreck «Ayrfield» at Homebush Bay, Australia.

5. Abandoned amusement park near Beijing.

6. Fishing hut on a lake in Germany.

7. Dutch island in the Chesapeake Bay.

8. A walking path between Sneem and Kenmare in Ireland.

9. Pripyat , Ukraine.

10. 15th century monastery in the Black Fortress in 

11. Kalavantin Durg near Panvel, India.

12. Wreckage "Pegasus" in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica.

13. Angkor Wat in Cambodia .

14. Forts Munsell off the coast of England .

15. Bodiam Castle in East Sussex, England.

16. Abandoned underground depot in Cincinnati.

17. The sunken boat in Antarctica.

18. Spirtogonny abandoned factory in Barbados.

19. Hall Hafodunos in Llangernive, North Wales.

20. Bobsled track for the 1984 Olympics in Sarajevo.

21. Kako, Italy.

22. Abandoned missile base on the territory of the former USSR.

23. Abandoned Mill in 1866 in Sorrento, Italy.

24. Abandoned power station cooling chamber.

25. Memorial in the Bulgarian reserve Buzludja.

26. Abandoned city of Keelung, Taiwan.

27. Londeyl Theatre in Chicago.

28. North Brother Island near New York.

29. Rinsing drum blades in France.

30. El Hotel del Salto in Colombia.

31. Asuncion, Paraguay.

32. Tunnel of Love in Ukraine .

33. Park "Nara Dreamland" in Japan.

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