Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Photos of the last days of the USSR

These shocking pictures if made during the Great Depression - but in fact they show life in the last years of the Soviet Union, less than three decades ago. The store shelves are often empty, in the order of things was to stand in long queues to buy food, and many people seem to wear out the age-old poverty. A terrible state of the economy in the USSR, while the standard of living in the West is improving rapidly, the result of the communist political system that stifled free enterprise and suspended the country's movement from its feudal past. As these photos to the 1980s, the system was close to collapse as soon as the liberal reforms of Mikhail Gorbachev's just opened the door all the louder the calls for change, and December 26, 1991, after only a few years after you've made these pictures, the Soviet Union disintegrated.

Girl playing the violin in front of a crowd, and her dog collapsed in the violin case on Arbat Street in Moscow.

Two dirty children look out from a window in the metals and mining town in Siberia.

 Miner, who lives in the industrial area of ​​Siberia experiencing serious economic difficulties, June 1991

At the national market in Novokuznetsk, a long line of pork and other meat products.

Siberians are queuing up on the street in front of a shop in the city of Novokuznetsk: sign of economic decline that has gripped the country in the last years of communist rule.

Woman playing accordion on the popular Arbat pedestrian street in Moscow, and several men standing listening to her.

Siberians "relax" the shed in Novokuznetsk, who in the early 90's was overcome serious economic problems.

18-year-old prostitute Kate runs through the streets of Moscow in search of customers, and by her passing police car in 1991, shortly before the collapse of the USSR

People need to stand in long lines to buy anything from what appears in stores in November 1991: before the collapse of the Soviet Union is only a month.

Seniors lined with cans of milk in place, the city of Tula, November 1991

Nurse Ludmila smokes during a break in the dining room.

Soldiers and tanks moved to Red Square to round the Kremlin in the early coup

Old women in Novokuznetsk.

The queue in Moscow.

The woman in line in Moscow.

The store in Moscow in 1991. Soviet Union came close to collapse.

 In Moscow hospital, July 1991

Food market in Kaluga in November 1991

Women miners relax after a change in the city of Novokuznetsk in June 1991

 In the Moscow line for vodka.

Women watch the funeral of a jewelry store window after a failed coup attempt in Moscow

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