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Russian Rufer on the roofs of Dubai

Vadim wrote fotobloger Mahora: "Back in Berlin under the delicious German beer we Vitali Raskalovym the idea to go out together, just like old times poshatatsya some new high-rise buildings in the city for us. Since Russia is over for us, it was decided to head for the United Arab Emirates, one of the most beautiful cities in the world and high-rise - Dubai. Even then, we did not know that it would be the coolest of our travels. "

View of the first traffic circle (First Interchange on Sheikh Zayed Road) and the Burj Khalifa - the tallest building in the world. Dubai has impressed me even before I landed. Our plane was landing, and all that I saw out the window - this is a huge road junctions in the desert and the abundance of the road "grid" with no houses that are intended to generate future quarters.Next was the airport terminal, on which I was an infinite number of minutes just to get to passport control. In Dubai, everything is big, so the airport is also bound to be great.Faced with the vital and mister_marat , I first learned that we have to live in a two star hotel somewhere near the airport.As it turned out, though two-star hotel, cheap, but for convenience it udelyvaet our three-and some of the four. By the way, a few days later we found out that our hotel there is also a brothel located there illegally.In the brothel, we did not go there. Although Marat told me that accidentally passed by and two zdorvennyh Negro touted him to come inside, but when they learned that he was only 21 years old, they said that even for such small pleasures

So, it was decided to break in Dubai to complete, but for the least money. Dubai - a luxurious and expensive city, but as it turned out, did not need to be a sheik to enjoy the pleasure of staying in it.Products in Dubai is cheaper than in Moscow or any other city in the Russian Federation. Public transport - the same situation.A move in a taxi in Dubai is even more profitable than the subway, if you have three. So zapasshis sneakers, juices, we set off to conquer the first high-rise.

Dubai has very little themselves UAE nationals, immigrants there, as far as I've heard more than half. In Dubai mostly come to work from less affluent countries - India, Pakistan, the Philippines. And, despite this, in the UAE there are no nationalist, no one shouts "Dubai sheiks".The full flavor of the local population can be seen in the subway, which by the way there is also very modern. Embarkation and disembarkation of the cars at rush hour - it is something. Indians come in large numbers, accustomed that in overpopulated India they usually do not have enough seats in the wagons do not follow the rules of the passengers. Once the doors opened, a crowd of Indians fall down in the car, while not letting even vtalkivaya back people who want to get out at the station.In addition to the immigrants have more tourists, especially a lot of Russian tourists, who come in large numbers to purchase in Dubai Mall (the largest mall in the world) and look at the Burj Khalifa. It would seem that the tourists as the tourists, there are tourists everywhere! But our tourists the most special. We quickly come to recognize their faces, they have short, sometimes brooding and constantly sschurennye. But the most distinctive feature of many Russian tourists in Dubai that they feel at home, for example Russian tourist can only scream at his tongue in the UAE, "Two Tickets to Dubai Mall and back!" Or "I said, two potato fries! You're a fool or what? I told the two ".It's a pity that all the case. While it may be the situation with tourists from other countries is the same.

European two-fillipinkami resting on the roof of one of the hotelsIn Dubai, it is very difficult to move around on foot, all rummaged everywhere because of the huge number of buildings, little walkways, huge highways that can not jump. The most optimal for peredzhvizheniya - a taxi, or at least the subway.All the greens in Dubai - artificially grown, all the houses are built in the area of ​​bare desert.In Dubai, you can not go by the handle or kissing (even tourists), but no one would ever make a Woman wear a burqa if she does not want to. Marat said that women in the UAE untouchables, with them, no one will talk and touch. But in fact we could not verify this, as we were traveling by men.In general, I have a lot of impressions of the city, a lot that I find it surprising and unusual, with regards to the way of life.

Most of all we were interested in Dubai roof and the views from them. Climb on the roofs abroad - it's not climbing in Russia.First, the laws in the UAE are more severe, and secondly, in Dubai we were on the Rights of the tourists, so we had to be as careful not to break the law.

The first transportationIt turned out that the climb to the roof in Dubai easily enough. The main thing to pass the reception at the entrance to the building, and upstairs you are likely to find an open door to the roof. A lot of roofs with swimming pools, lookouts for the guests and a helipad. It makes no sense to close the roof of the castle, because very few people would think of jumping down, hang a poster or opposition to sit down with a sniper rifle. The standard of living in Dubai is quite high, so people live in peace and not paranoia.

There is one small problem in the ascent to the top of the hotel - the elevators on the cards, that is, is when you press on the button of the upper floors, the elevator does not go. Here, you need to wait or tenants and go with them, or to stand in a closed elevator, while you will not cause anyone to the upper floors.By the way, reception and security in hotels and apartment complexes are not collected from bydlanov, as is the case in Russia, and of the cultural and polite people. For example, we went to a hotel, went into the elevator, and he was on the card. The doors closed, we froze, wondering what to do. Stood for 30 seconds, lift and concierge called wordless, smiling, bowed and ran for the door.There was another case where we have been caught out on the roof. It was in the highest  residential building in the world - Princess Tower (yes, like in Dubai, the tallest and biggest). "I apologize, but you have to go down with me" - said the guard.Next we found out who we are and the purpose of our trip to the roof, was asked not from Russian mafia me and released.

Chamber in the direction of the financial centerDubai is really a small city and is divided into several areas. We are interested in two - Financial Center and Dubai Marina - the main venue clusters of high-rises.I have already said that Dubai is very luxurious city. Everything is real. Beauty is real, I know. It seemed to me that there is no longer thinking about the feasibility of the buildings, and how beautiful they look. It seems to me that all these artificial islands, all these very tall buildings, and if the developer will pay off, in the very distant future.The main paradox for me was the fact that Dubai is almost nowhere to be found free wai faille, and if there is somewhere, well, then the internet is very slow.

 Fountain show at the Burj Khalifa

We sit in the subway car filled with Indians and go to the Burj Khalifa

Marat had not taken a tripod and therefore removes the fountain show on your iPhone.

With this building hard to put the Burj Khalifa in a horizontal shot. I do this work, but the frame has turned less beautiful than the one below.

The next day we rufili in the financial center

On this picture, especially shows that Dubai is not only of the skyscrapers

Poorer people also have a place to live

Before the game of cricket

Sometimes we met on the roofs of hot snips, but we were nepodstupny

One of the coolest places we visited - the roof of a five-star Millennium Plaza Hotel

Marat and Vital

On the third day we went to the area of ​​Dubai Marina, where the most expensive hotels 
where rich people live.

Palm Jumeirah

Burj Al Arab

Drop zone for paratroopers

In the background is one of the most expensive hotels in the world - Atlantis

Channel Dubai Marina

Paradise on earth

Sunset. Speaking of sunsets and mode of time. In Dubai, it gets dark much earlier than ours and the modal time short enough for 20 minutes of time to darken completely.

45. Dubai Marina after sunset

On the last day, we left the Burj Khalifa. The hope was to try somehow to climb inside the steeple, but how to get inside to the fire stairs we did not. Inside Khalifa, we probably would not have let him go, because the guys were in shorts and sneakers, and I was not wearing a jacket. So we decided to try to climb up to the lookout.

The observation we have come up before dawn to photograph and night views and dawn.

But we waited on the lookout Faile. Smart Arabs have closed all the doors and put cameras around them, so we had to settle for views from the observation deck.

To be honest, the views from the Burj Khalifa - not the best views of Dubai.

Day breaks

"Emirates Towers"

Dawn turned out to be boring. I had hoped to the last that will be at least some fog.

At the same time, our Dubai ended.

After Dubai, we decided to fly to Cairo to climb the pyramid. How, then, was a pleasant surprise when our plane flew over the center of Dubai.

Dubai Marina

The archipelago of "The World"

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