Friday, 19 April 2013

The explosion in the marathon in Boston - the first terrorist attack in the U.S. after 9/11

In the U.S., the first time since Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attack occurred. At least 3 lives taken away by two explosions at the finish of the Boston Marathon. On Monday, at the finish of the oldest marathon in the street next Goodwill in Boston, were powered by improvised explosive devices. As a result of explosions at 02:50 minutes on the U.S. east coast time at an interval of 12 seconds, three people were killed, including eight children. According to preliminary information, injured more than 140 people. These bombings were the first terrorist attack in the United States after the attack the militants of Al-Qaeda attack on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the White House in 2001, which claimed the lives of nearly three thousand people.

Two explosions near the Boston Marathon finish line in downtown Boston, Massachusetts. At least three people were killed (including one child) and dozens were injured. On the incident investigation began.

According to witnesses, two explosive device detonated directly into the crowd near the marathon finish line, immediately after crossing its athletes. Then the chaos began.

 The hospitals in Boston were conducted dozens of operations in the affected limb 

 Everything indicates that the attack was carefully planned.

Soldiers and police cordoned off the scene of the crime tightly to gather experts to carefully weight the possible clues.

Medical workers help victims at the Boston Marathon finish line after the bombings in Boston.

 In the first hours after the tragedy, a short statement made by President Barack Obama. "We still do not know who did it and why. But we'll find out. And responsible for the senseless ombings - individual or group - will feel the full brunt of the law," - said the head of state, who was quoted by CNN.

Despite the fact that Obama did not utter the word "terrorism", the federal authorities, who are investigating the incident in Boston, still classify it as a terrorist, says CNN. A law enforcement source close to the investigation, while specify what hostile forces were involved in the bombings: the Inter-American or foreign.

After Obama's speech is one of the White House issued the following explanation: "Any incident which involves several explosive devices, as happened in Boston is obviously an act of terror, and will be treated as an act of terror."

Initially reported as a third explosion in the public library, but later it turned out that there was an ignition that is not associated with the attack.

According to the preliminary data of the investigation, explosive devices have been low power, CNN, citing a U.S. law enforcement. At the site of the explosions are no traces of explosives in industrial production, which may indicate its handicrafts.

At Boston Medical Center Cars "first aid" brought 23 wounded, 16 of whom are in serious condition. The most common diagnosis - injured leg.

Presumably, the bombs have set in motion remotely via mobile phone - about 40 minutes after the explosion in mobile telephony Boston has been disabled to prevent any response other explosive devices.

The formation of counter-terrorism police scoured the scene of the explosion, found in the vicinity of five unexploded explosive devices neutralized in place, the website of the newspaper Wall Street Journal.

Children's Hospital Boston posted a list of Facebook hospitalized from the blast site - here were delivered four children and one adult. The youngest patient, only two years, the boy was shot in the head and is in the operating department. In the same institution are children of seven, nine and 12 years with various injuries.

Brigham Women's Hospital is helping 28 injured, the condition of two of them doctors estimate to be critical, ten people were seriously injured. The youngest patient, delivered in this hospital - three years.

Boston opened an anonymous helpline in the investigation of the tragedy, extend help hotlines to find loved ones. According to the channel CNN, condition 17 of the 132 injured in terrorist attacks in Boston and received in different hospitals of the city, is estimated as critical. The epicenter of the tragedy remains cordoned off the area.

 At the moment, the Federal Bureau of Investigation scours one of the apartments in the suburbs of Boston, the resolution of a search warrant issued by police in Massachusetts. No other details were reported.

n social networks, tens of thousands of people fall into a symbol of "I Love Boston", expressing solidarity with the city, more than 100 years of marathon runners from around the world, thus protesting against the violence.

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