Thursday, 16 May 2013

5 Thing That Previously Unknown to Science

1. Cave spider with claws  

This spider is called Trogloraptor marchingtoni because at the end of their feet has jagged claws, whose shape is similar to a scythe. Spider called "bandit cave." His body is a little more than usual garden spider, but when he pulls his feet, the width is nearly 4 inches. Entomologists believe this spider is an active predator, not ambush hunter, what are the most spiders. If next fly insect and accidentally touched his feet, then there will also be captured. Previously, scientists have not come across this kind of spiders, which means there is a whole family of unexplored and may soon be found similar creatures.......

2. A spider weaving a web of huge 
Spider it was less fortunate than the previous one and it does not have claws. But Caerostris darwini can cover its web site an area of 3 square meters. meter! This spider is found in the jungles of Madagascar in 2007, the year. One fixed thread they can stretch up to 25 meters! A spider silk has an impact strength is 10 times better than Kevlar

3. Leaping cockroach 
Saltoblattella montistabularis called "jumping cockroach" because he is the only 4000 species can jump. His hind legs are so strong that catapults it with grass on top of flowers. He is able to jump to a distance of 50 times the length of its body!
4. Leech, which can eat inside 
This kind of leeches all discourage the desire to swim in unknown waters. In 2012, in the Peruvian Amazon jungle found a leech dubbed Tyrannobdella rex, or "lord of leeches tyrants." This little spider has huge teeth and reaches 7.5 cm in length. Her teeth can bite into the internal soft tissues and penetrate into any opening in the body of mammals. I.e. it can create a nasty crawl into your nose (the ears, mouth, genitals), and begin to eat your guts.

5. Cricket wanting blood 
Carnivorous cricket for the first time, this has been found only recently - in 2012. In one of the caves in the South American crew found a cricket that floats instead of jumping. To better locate their prey and to navigate in the dark places he developed special highly specialized mouthparts.

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