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Beautiful women over 50

"Post from the past" "What's her secret? "- The first thought that comes to mind when you look at each of them. "Recipe of her youth," of course, in each case, their, from a good plastic surgeon to a positive outlook. Some of them look incredibly young, some quite according to their age, but someone did compels us to believe in what age - is an illusion. And it was not wrinkled or lack thereof, and that all these women are beautiful and amazing.

1 - Barbara Walters - 81
The first lady of American TV. Unprecedented fees, phenomenal popularity, own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. "Her interviews with world leaders is a chronicle of the latter part of the twentieth century." Regarding the appearance - yes, it's plastic, and everyone knows that it is plastic. And yet, and yet ... "But damn it, Holmes, how?"

2 - Del Carmen Orefis - 79
After the Second World War, she began her career as a fashion model, the term "supermodel" had not existed. Now it is clear that it was worth at least invent for her. She started going gray at 40, and since then the snow-white hair became her hallmark. One of the most beautiful women in the world will soon be eighty years old, and she still works as a model, showing the clothes on the catwalk and posing for photographers. "I'm still not convinced myself that I will per ¬ Vym man who will live forever, but I I want to live in happiness and not in fear. I want to die in high heels! "

3 - Sophia Loren - 76
At the age of 72 years, the Italian diva shot for the calendar Pirelli, and not because she needed someone to prove anything, but because they still persuaded. "I do not have any special secrets to fight aging. You just have to live in harmony with themselves and the world around them, stay calm, serenity and balance, do not forget about the joys of life and take care of yourself - eat properly, dress up, play sports and go to sleep for 7-8 hours, not less. "

4 - Julie Andrews-74
Once she was on-screen Mary Poppins, and since then has remained a bit ironic, and not fully understood. Or quite strange: after all, she is the only one in the world combines statuses perfect nanny and gay icon. Responding to questions about how she manages to look like that, laughing, "I am optimistic lady."

5 - Jane Fonda-73
The actress, political activist, model, author, fitness guru - as if she lived in one life more. Opposed the war in Vietnam and against a sedentary lifestyle, toured around the galaxy in a metallic mini-dress with plastic guns blazing. now successfully fighting with old age, continuing to actively engage in fitness, and not without the help of plastic surgeons. "I wish I could be bold enough to do nothing, but instead I choose to be a glamorous granny. "

6 - Rakel Welch-70
Her image in "Million Years BC" became a cult classic, and since then, they have shared with Ursula Andress prizes in the charts of the sexiest girls in bikinis, making ashamed of Halle Berry and other current beauties competing for the same monastery. swimsuit in public is no longer, but at the age of 67 years appeared to advertise cosmetic brand MAC and still is "ultimate pin-up bombshell", although a little plastic.

7 - Julie Christie - 68
In order to become a movie legend and one of the icons of beauty, it was enough just to star in a movie - "Doctor Zhivago."There were, of course, other roles, and now it appears in the film, mainly in order to decorate the screen of his short presence, and is it possible to demand more from the legend? resorted to plastic surgery several times, and the work done to her face, it is considered model for professionals.

8 - Helen Mirren-65
Hereditary aristocrat, Lady Commander of the Order of the British Empire and the "sex symbol of the intellectuals" as they called nee Elena Mironova criticism at a time when actresses large breasts do not necessarily had to conflict with an intelligent face. Since then, everything has become more harmonious - breast and clothes, and apparently thought, because the bad thoughts in my head can not remain as dazzling on the seventh decade. 's Beauty Secrets - a lot of sleep and do not jerk about age. Do not do any plastic surgery, although in theory has nothing against "All methods are good, to feel beautiful and happy!"

9 - Debbie Harry-65
One of the most famous blondes of the world was friends with Andy Warhol, starred in Peter Greenaway and David Cronenberg, has become an icon of style and performed the music that has become not only a symbol of the era, but still sounds true, three decades. At the age of 57 years was Blondie very convincing in the role of sexual fantasy Elijah Wood in the movie "Seventeen", and in the past since the time much has changed. "Everyone knows that I've done plastic surgery. In the life of the mass of horrible things happen, why make it worse and worry about aging? ".

10 - Diane Sawyer-65
One of the highest paid TV stars, who began to work in the Nixon administration, and now interviewed all the stars and politicians. Presidents come and go, but it is, and say, look twenty years younger than his age thanks to a special diet of cabbage soup. For those wishing to Recipe: "- Green onions - green pepper - 2 pcs. - tomatoes - celery - Onions - cabbage 
vegetables are crushed and filled with water. Boil for 10 minutes. Next, reduce the heat and continue to cook until the vegetables are tender. To taste, add salt, pepper, parsley, etc. Eat as much soup as you like for any day of the week (in reasonable quantities). "

11 - Susan Sarandon-64
Ginger Beast, who played his major role, after forty years, including two very attractive witch. Last year, broke up with her ​​long-time partner Tim Robbins, whom she married in principle does not, preferring to civil marriage, and said that while marriage is still not going to, though perhaps closer to eighty think. leads a healthy lifestyle and consuming products rich in antioxidants. Or, perhaps, running naked through the dew and fly on a broomstick.

12 - Susan Lucci-64
One of the two stars of the original series "All My Children" going on American TV since the 70's. Fan of plastic surgery, thanks to developments which seem: not so long ago, these were the seventies.

13 - Susan Somers-64
TV star, business vumen and author of books on the slippery topic of alternative cancer treatments that successfully overcame itself. Supports brilliant appearance with injections of Botox and collagen.

14 - Peggy Lipton - 64
Dawn telekarery it was in the time of the shooting in the series "Order" Dudes ", a former big hit on TV from the late sixties to 1973. She has performed as a singer, met with Elvis Presley and Paul McCartney appeared in "Twin Peaks", survived colon cancer and was filmed by the TV in remission. daughter of actress says that her appearance Peggy must fanatical skin moisturizing creams and oils, but apparently sometimes only one explanation - a miracle.

15 - Cheryl Tigz - 63
The legendary model, which has become one of the symbols of the era of mods. Leads unusually active lifestyle, doing business, and participating in social events. And even if there really is something stung lips and cheeks, especially illustrates his own words: "I think the real beauty - this is the radiance that comes from within. "

16 - Jaclyn Smith - 63
The star of the original "Charlie's Angels" for twenty years combining telekareru with the successful activities of designer clothes and furniture. likely resorted to plastic surgery, but then can only admit that the work has been done successfully.

17 - Emmylou Harris-63
Country diva, who won a terrible amount of Grammy awards and wrote the music for Brokeback Mountain." For unknown reasons becoming more beautiful every year, including through the amazing platinum gray hair.

18 - Olivia Newton-John - 62
Blonde with its own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, has danced with Travolta is one of the most famous dancers in the history of film and voiced by all those lovely songs in Disney's "Little Mermaid." breast cancer survivor, but even taking into account the probability of a face lift and eyelid looks radiant and surprisingly young.

19 - Sigourney Weaver - 61
She made ​​her debut in Woody Allen's "Annie Hall" and two years later, then went into the history of film as Lt. Ellen Ripley. As a child, due to high growth and awkwardness was mocked classmates, who may subsequently had the sense to found a society "idiots and cretins" when the public recognize the actress sex symbol. categorically against any intrusion into his face, because he believes that, First, the real appeal comes with age, and, secondly, that Botox injections have a negative impact on the mobility of persons and, as a consequence, its expression in acting.

20 - Sofia Rotaru - 61
For a string of plastic surgeries pop star followed by the whole country, but the singer is not shy about the fact that enlists the aid surgeons to preserve the appearance of flowering, and probably a lot of fun over the fact that some attributed to its appeal to magicians and sorcerers.

21 - Pam Grier - 61
Star Movies 70's in the genre bleksploteyshen, whose comeback happened in "Jackie Brown," Tarantino and established his role in the series L Word ("Sex in another city"). Back in 1988, doctors diagnosed her cancer and gave her a total of 18 months. But Pam managed, survived and remains as an incredibly gorgeous woman.

22 - Fanny Ardant - 60
French diva, the timeless time. Many of her on-screen and life partners have died or turned to rubble, and it's still beautiful, like many years ago. Washes in the morning with ice cubes, drinks a glass of juice a day of celery, eats two large carrots and one apple. Never in my life had not been in the gym.

23 - Meryl Streep - 60
Probably the greatest actress of our time, and to become a figure which allow you to play characters that evaluate young beauties as "fat girls with no sense of fashion and style." But the best looks, running barefoot on the beach under "Abba." Tummy, Botox? Why, when the Strip, jumping on the bed to the sound of "Dancing Queen", and so leads to believe that old age does not exist. Among all her beauty secrets - the love of swimming's Skin Care and Tracie Martyn.

24 - Anna Wintour - 60
Longtime editor in chief of American Vogue in 1988, the most important person in the world of fashion and the very devil in Prada, which played the Strip. did not hide their wrinkles and that and look, style and introduce them.

25 - Jane Seymour - 59
The fruitful career, "Dr. Quinn," the original version of "Batterstar Galaxy" and the role of girlfriend 007. Well, James Bond girl once - James Bond girl ever. remains incredibly attractive and youthful with the help of a blepharoplasty, a slight improvement in the bust and Botox.

26 - Queen Noor of Jordan - 59
Nadzheb nee Lisa Halaby, widow of the late King of Jordan, Al-Hussein, who became politically active after the death of her husband in 1999. Participates peace conferences around the world and looks at it, as the most stunning Hollywood movie star. Incredibly smooth skin alludes to Botox, but I do, of course, no one knows.

27 - Beverly D'Angelo - 58
The actress and singer, whose real life is more interesting to her film career. Itself as an Italian by birth, married Italian director and aristocrat Lorenzo Salviatti derived from the legendary of the Medici. Then she lived with a famous director Neil Jordan, who left for the Oscar-winning designer Anton Furst Batmobile, committed suicide after their separation. After that, met with Al Pacino, from whom she had twins, being at the age of almost 50 (!) Years. Now Al Pacino left, so, again, soon someone will break the heart.

28 - Lynda Carter - 58
Wonder Woman. Was, is, and no doubt it will. A super-strength give her eternal youth.

29 - Beverly Johnson - 58
The first black model who appeared on the cover of American Vogue in 1974, thus paving the way to the next generation of models of color in fashion and advertising. Produces a popular line of wigs and care products for hair, which she herself and touts. Proud mom plus-model Anansi Sims twenty-five years (pictured with his daughter). On the question whether there is the possibility of the model at the age of thirty, replied that the opportunities are there and the model at the age of fifty. apparently could not resist the idea of lifting, but the gleam in his eyes still his.

30 - Mary Steenburgen - 57
It is hard to imagine that this intellectually beautiful actress was once married to a crazy Malcolm McDowell, but apparently, it says something. In the end, Mary was good in the role of a charming lob, a teacher in the third "Back to the Future" and the role of sexual bitch in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape." With age, the only blossomed, and now looks better than ever in my life.

31 - Marie Helvin - 57
Supermodel 70, owes its exotic appearance mothers Japanese wife. She was married to the iconic fashion photographer David Bailey, was engaged in his line of lingerie and produced the TV program. At the age of 55 years, posed for the cover of Vogue seven times, reached 56, according to his own statement, sexual peak in their lives, and 57 posed for publicity immodest clothes Agent Provocateur.

32 - Kim Basinger-56
One of the most beautiful and famous movie blondes, who became a celebrity thanks to the erotic hit "9 and a half weeks." In fifty four shot for commercial anti-aging cosmetics Lancaster, which because of the enthusiasm of designers "Photoshop" looked much worse than in real life, with all its wrinkles around the eyes. Several times referred to plastic surgeons and daily exercisers and a half hours .

33 - Rene Russo-56
Was one of the brightest stars of the Ford modeling agency in the 70th, but his thirtieth birthday has decided to pursue an acting career. Look good in the "Lethal Weapon" and even better in "The Thomas Crown Affair," when the whole world is almost the first time realized that a woman over the age of forty can be a real sex bomb. Time passed, and the actress has blossomed even brighter, and even outside experts argue that there is not interference with the surgeons.

34 - Christie Brinkley-56
The most celebrated model of the 80s, whose photos in fashion swimwear from the Sports Illustrated became a kind of erotic ideal of the era. The former wife of Billy Joel, which traded a total of four men and a mother of three children. eats apples of youth, or accepts a Makropoulos - judging by appearance.

35 - Tatiana Vedeneyeva-56
Popularly beloved "Aunt Tanya", whose bright image of the program, "Good night, kids" has become one of the most wonderful memories of our childhood. As before, the very charm and freshness. And the amazing match his own statement: "Femininity is calm." Sources say that twice a month Tatiana satisfied himself fasting days, just sitting on the low-fat yogurt or apples.

36 - Iman-55
The goddess who never grow old. From their beauty secrets calls: - continued use of sunscreen with a factor of 50 (on the advice of a dermatologist Patricia Wexler, who at the time was surprised dark-skinned Iman such recommendation) - regular visits to the beautician Mamie McDonald; - hydrating mask Face SK-II Facial Treatment Mask.

37 - Janice Dickinson 55
The most outrageous fashion model 80s, came up with the title of "supermodel" and rightly crowned by them herself.Appeared on the cover of Vogue 37 times, met only with celebrities, said in his autobiography about his bulimia, anorexia, alcoholism and experience of plastic surgery. The most beautiful scandalous celebrity in the world. "My life - it's sex and plastic surgery."

38 - Isabelle Adjani-54
Queen of France with frightened eyes forever on the child's face. fifteen years ago it was attributed to the "golden thread", like Catherine Deneuve, but she did so or not is unknown. It is well known that it is a long-standing client of Beauty Institute YSL, regularly makes a face massage, thalassotherapy is interested, practicing separation food, not eating sweets and drinking 1.5-2 liters of water a day. "Beauty man - this is when it can make you beautiful" .

39 - Lena Olin-54
What else could be the girl of the family, druzhaschego with Ingmar Bergman? Only actress who gained international fame for "The Unbearable Lightness of Being" and rejected the lead role in "Basic Instinct." do pilates led Hollywood fitness guru Jillian Hessel (Jillian Hessel)

40 - Ann Curry 54
The famous American television journalist, leading morning news block on channel NBC. Unusual appearance owes a Japanese mother. 's Beauty Secrets - regular facial, green salad (spinach, arugula, avocado, seaweed, pumpkin seeds, lemon juice, olive oil), and irrepressible optimism.

41 - Geena Davis-54
Pretty growing 183 cm working as a model when she was noticed by Sydney Pollack, who invited Jin to star in a small role in "Tootsie." As demonstrated by her career, it was a good start. Now Gina married four times: her husband is of Iranian origin, 15 years younger than her and a plastic surgeon by profession.But do not say, "Yeah, everything is clear." Gina service does not use her Blessed - an abundance of wrinkles on the face of evidence of this. The secret of her beauty is boundless energy, from the current husband actress finally decided to give birth to children - Senior was born when she was 46 years old, the younger twin - when turned 48. She loves to have fun with them on the playground, playing sports very seriously and is actively involved in community activities.

42 - Sela Ward-53
Not so long ago, said the actress, who once again pleased to witness and admire its amazing beauty and amazing young appearance.

43 - Michelle Pfeiffer-51
Infrequently occurring combination of outstanding beauty, fragility and talent that can be transformed into the most dangerous folly, made ​​her a star, whose radiance is not faded over the years and especially evident (to a question about the stars and eternal youth) in "Stardust", where the actress a couple of years beauty flashed back, eclipsing young co-star. 'questions about the secrets of youth meets carefree "Just like everyone: exercise, diet, happy family life and good genes. I quit smoking when I was thirty, it's a very good idea to tell me. ".

44 - Andy McDowell-51
The former model, who became a movie star, not because such a good actress, but because it is difficult to resist its charm.Caring mother of three children, looking next to her daughters, as an older sister (pictured). Chief beauty secret - a life in the open air.

45 - Jennifer Tilly-51
Luxury forms of "Bride of Chucky" acquired over the years, even greater poignancy. Who likes to play poker and to buy diamonds , as well as the winner of one of the most unique voices in the movie definitely come now to its prosperity.

46 - Angela Bassett 51

47 - Sharon Stone 51

48 - Carol Alt 50

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