Thursday, 30 May 2013

Can you believe they're the same age?

Dana Delaney and Joan Allen - Born: 1956
Joan Allen (left) seems to take on older roles, while Dana Delaney (right) had a stint as a "Desperate Housewife" and now stars on "Body of Proof." No wonder we're shocked they're the same age!

Drew Barrymore and Christina Hendricks - Born: 1975

Drew (left) has been in the industry for years, but she'll always seem young to us. Christina on the other hand, has always looked over 40.

Eva Longoria and Fergie - Born: 1975 
The former "Desperate Housewives" star (left) has aged superbly well compared to The Black Eyed Peas singer (right) who admittedly abused drugs in her teens. 

Jennifer Lopez and Ellen Pompeo - Born: 1969
Although neither of these ladies look like they're in their 40s; J. Lo (left) looks a bit unnatural, while Ellen (right) seems to just have good genes.

Katherine Hiegl and Rachel McAdams - Born: 1978
“The Notebook” star (right) seems way more young and playful than the mature looking “Killers” star (left).

Nancy O'Dell and Cindy Crawford - Born: 1966
It is quite impossible to think that these ladies are almost 50 years old. Cindy (right) hasn't seemed to age a day in the last two decades while Nancy (left) has definitely aged, albeit pretty slowly.

Julie Bowen and Tina Fey - Born: 1970
The "Modern Family" star (left) looks like a starlet in her 30s, but she's actually been trying to break into the biz for ages with small roles in classic films like "Happy Gilmore."  Tina (right) has been a big star for almost two decades.

Cameron Diaz and Jenny McCarthy -Born: 1972
They're both funny, flirty blondes and both Cam (left) and Jenny (right) are now over 40. Jenny looks like she's been aging gracefully, but Cameron might be guilty of getting some professional help.

Carmen Electra and Selma Blair -Born: 1972
The model and dancer (left) always seems to cake on the makeup, which makes her look much older than fellow actress Selma (right).

 Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Maggie Gyllenhaal -Born: 1977
It's hard to say who seems older, "The View" co-host (left) or the award winning actress (right), but they definitely don't look the same age!

Hayden Panettiere and Taylor Swift -Born: 1989
The "Nashville" star (left) has been acting since the early '90s, so we thought she was much older than the young singer (right).

 Jessica Simpson and Gisele Bundchen - Born: 1980
These two ladies had quite different pregnancies with their first children. Jess ballooned up while Gisele sported a barely there bump. Now Jess has bun #2 in the oven while Gisele gave birth to her second in February and is back on her way to wearing skimpy bikinis. 

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