Sunday, 12 May 2013

Guinness World Records 2013

57th edition of one of the main bestselling book world - the Guinness Book of Records - was published in the Thursday, September 13, 2012. We suggest you familiarize yourself with the most unusual (and sometimes silly) advances new champions.

1. The biggest biceps in the world belong to Mustafa Ismail of Egypt. The left hand - 64.77 cm (in tension) and 62.23 cm (normal) right arm - 63.5 cm and 60.96 cm, respectively. The measurements took place in Franklin, Massachusetts, USA, where Mustafa lives in the moment. (Guinness World Records / PA)

2. The heaviest athlete - sumoistka Sharrans Alexander from London. Her weight is 203.21 kg. (Guinness World Records / PA)

3. The oldest gymnast in the world is Joanna Kaas. She was born November 20, 1925 in Germany. In her 86 years, she is a regular participant in amateur competitions in gymnastics, which take place in Saxony. (Guinness World Records / PA)

4. Owner of the highest Iroquois - Katsuhiro Watanabe from Japan. Its length is 113.5 cm (Guinness World Records / PA) See also the issue - Highest Mohawk

5. The highest of living dogs - Zeus, a German mastiff rising 1,118 m, who lives with his family in Otsego, Michigan, USA. (Guinness World Records / PA) See also the issue - the Giant Dog

6. The largest horse in the world is Big Jake - 9-year-old Belgian horse breed height of 20 hands 2.75 inches. He lives on a farm in Poynette, Wisconsin, USA. (Guinness World Records / PA)

7. The shortest bull - Archie. He is 16 months. He lives in Northern Ireland, and its growth is only 76.2 cm at the withers. (Guinness World Records / PA)

8. And this - the highest donkey named Sam Oklahoma. He is 4 years, and its growth is 155,45 cm (Guinness World Records / PA)

9. The heaviest bike in the world weighs 750 kg. It was created by Voter van den Bosch of the Netherlands. (Guinness World Records / PA)

10. The largest collection of Barbie dolls boasts Bettina Dorfman from Germany, which attracted 15,000 thousands of different pupae of Mittel. She collects them since 1993. (Guinness World Records / PA)

11. The largest collection of items related to «Hello Kitty», belongs Asako Kanda of Japan. Girl filled to overflowing with items your home with this cat - pans, fans, even the toilet seat. (Guinness World Records / PA) See also the issue - Airlines Hello Kitty

12. The youngest professional drummer - Julian Pavone from the U.S.. On 21 March 2010 he was 5 years, 10 months and three days.(Guinness World Records / PA)

13. The largest drum set in the world consists of 340 items. Its owner - Dr. Mark tem of Leykvillya, New York. He is a member of a group called «Jesus the Soul Solution». He carries his tools in a specially constructed for this van. (Guinness World Records / PA)

14. The largest number of balls that I've ever juggled person - 11. This record was set Alex Barron from the UK, which has managed to catch a 11-Th 23 balls in a row. (Guinness World Records / PA)

15. The largest body of the volume belongs to the truck Westech T282C Flow Control Body - 470,4 cubic capacity of coal at a density of 0.86 tonnes per cubic meter. His company has produced WESTECH (USA). (Guinness World Records / PA)

16. 57th edition of the Guinness Book published September 13, 2012. (Guinness World Records / PA)

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