Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Photographs of Victory Day in Russia

1. Kombat. Photographer Max Alpert. "Combat" - one of the most famous photographs of World War II by the Soviet photographer Max Alpert. The photograph captures a junior political officer AG Eremenko, lifting the soldiers in the attack, a few seconds before death.

2. Victory Banner over the Reichstag. Photos Eugene Chaldean. The first flag was set away from the Reichstag, on the roof of Staff of the 8th Guards Army, near the sculpture of an eagle sitting on a globe. The second - over the Brandenburg Gate. When the Chaldean got to the Reichstag flag was already set very much. Stumbling on a few fighters, he took his flag and asked for their help to get on the roof. Having found a convenient point for shooting, he shot a two cassettes.

3. The Kursk. Tankers and destroyed tank "Tiger".Tank commander, Lieutenant BV Smelov shows the hole in the tower of a German tank "Tiger", the downed crew Smelov Lieutenant Lihnyakevichu. This hole did conventional armor-piercing shell of the 76-mm tank gun, so the picture is often used for propaganda purposes, indicating that the newest and strongest German tanks can break our T-34.

4. Lydia Litvyak pilot fighter regiment after sortie on the wing of a Yak-1B.August 1, 1943 Lydia Litvyak made four sorties, during which the person was hit by two enemy planes, and 1 in the group, but from the fourth departure she had not returned - her plane was damaged by a German fighter queue and missing.

5. Soviet soldier with a Czech child in her arms.

6. Girl-sniper of the 1st Baltic Front, 1944.

7. Sergeant VI Kireev shoots a captured German grenade during a night battle in the city of Breslau.

8. Soviet soldiers in between fights.

9. Volley Soviet rocket launchers "Katyusha" on the approaches to Vyborg.

10. Heavy Guard soldier Yefim Costin, who was awarded the Order of the Red Star.

11. Soviet soldiers in the attack near Leningrad during the beginning of breaking the siege.

12. Soviet intelligence in the fight.

13. "Woe", photo by Dmitry Baltermantz.

14. Child of War.

15. Pulemetchitsa Zina Kozlov.

16. The Soviet fighter gives a light German prisoners.

17. Rewarding young hero.

18. Murdered boy Victor Cherevichkin with a dove in his hands.

19. Post defense on the roof of the hotel "Moscow" in the capital.

20. German air raid on Moscow July 26, 1941.

21. The pilot collects machine gun belt.

22. Renowned photographer Mark Markov-Grinberg, sdelanaja in 1943 and has become a symbol of courage and heroism of the Soviet soldiers.

23. Battery fires on the defending German troops. Belarus, the summer of 1944.

24. Under the tracks of a tank. Photo Mark Markov-Grinberg.

25. Fountain "Children dance" on the station square Stalingrad after the Nazi air raid.

26. Swing the war.

7. Soviet soldiers with a cat in her arms in Stalingrad.

28. The death of a Soviet soldier during the attack.

29. Photo Mark Markov-Grinberg.

30. June 22, 1941-go, somewhere in the south-west of the USSR, the kids are hiding from the bombing.

31. Maria Timofeevna Shalneva (Nenakhova), Lance Corporal 87-th separate road maintenance battalion, regulates the movement of military vehicles near the Reichstag in Berlin, May 1945

32. The Soviet pilot feeding pigeons in leisure time.

33. The Soviet soldiers are sleeping in cars at a square in Prague. Czechoslovakia, 1945.


35. Prague residents welcome the car with the Soviet military.

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