Thursday, 2 May 2013

School meals from around the world

Country: Sweden Ingredients: a dish of potatoes, cabbage and beans, as well as crackers and berry juice.

Country: Japan Contents: udon noodles, cheese stuffed chikuwa (fish sausage), frozen mandarin orange, milk

Country: China Ingredients: fish, eggs and tomato sauce, rice, spinach, cauliflower and cabbage soup.

Country: India Ingredients: rice, curry, masala.

Country: United Kingdom Ingredients: potatoes, peas, unfortunately the rest of the ingredients are not known.

Country: Tanzania Ingredients: ugali (maize meal porridge), chicken, greens, sauce, salad and watermelon.

Country: Czech Republic (Prague) Ingredients: soup, rice with chicken goulash, dessert, juice and hot tea.

Country: South Korea Contents: kimchi, pork, bean sauce (sammjang), cabbage soup.

Country: Malawi Ingredients: beans, cabbage and other vegetables.

Country: United States Ingredients: cheeseburger, tater tots (melted cheese and potatoes), milk chocolate, chocolate pudding, and ketchup.

Country: Taiwan Composition: Left: pork with pineapple, radish, carrot and green pepper in the center: the grilled vegetables with garlic, right: fish stew with a bowl of cabbage, carrots, mushrooms and seaweed soup with egg.

Country: Philippines Ingredients: Kavan (traditional Filipino dish of pork), liver sauce, rice.

Country: Sweden Ingredients : chicken salad, cottage cheese on knäckebröd (?), carrots and gravy.

Country: Slovakia Ingredients: Smoked mackerel, bread, red pepper, tomato, kiwi, apples, milk and cake.

Country: Malaysia Ingredients: noodles with shrimps, fish and eggs, juice pack, and an apple.

Country: Singapore Ingredients: fried anchovies, eggs, roast with cabbage and tomatoes, soy sprouts and chicken chop.

Country: Honduras Ingredients: rice porridge and ... everything.

Country: Haiti Ingredients: brown rice and beans.

Country: France Material: baguettes, salads, couscous, mixed vegetables in sauce, meat.

Country: Brazil Ingredients : rice, beans, bread, meat with vegetables, banana.

Country: Russia Ingredients: vermicelli soup, salad, scrambled eggs, fruit compote.

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