Monday, 6 May 2013

Tropical island under the dome

Sandy beaches, clear blue water, palm trees ... I think we're talking about a tropical island? Well, in a sense, this is an island, but it is located under the dome in the indoor leisure and entertainment complex, which is located on a former Soviet air base in Krausnike, Germany.

 1. The complex has a beach, lagoon, water slides and an adventure park.

2. Guests can take advantage of the many restaurants, evening performances and even relax in the sauna.

3. Here you can find free-flying flamingos and canaries.

4. The complex is called "tropical island", it is inside the hangar, which was built at the air base. And from the outside you can not see the tropical landscape .

5. The most complex can accommodate 6,000 visitors a day.

6. In the first year of operation through its doors passed 975,000 visitors.

7. It employs about 500 people. "Tropical Island" opened in 2004.

8. Incredibly, this hangar length of 360 meters, a width of 210 m and a height of 107 meters tall enough to hold the Statue of Liberty.

9. Here you can stay in the usual enormous luxury tents or cottages.

10. It is believed that this dome - the world's largest free-standing hall in the world.
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