Friday, 24 May 2013

World's Different Breakfasts

Breakfast is a key event for the human digestive system. No wonder they say that anything is better other than breakfast; it can be given to friend or foe. An imgur user SonicBomb has created a series of photographs, which presented traditional breakfasts in different countries. The breakfast of every country is radically different from each other.

 Breakfast in Brazil

Breakfast in Denmark

Breakfast in Jordan

 Breakfast in England

  Breakfast in Bolivia

 Breakfast in Argentina

 Breakfast in Australia

 Breakfast in Bahamas

 Breakfast in Canada

 Breakfast in Dominican Republic

 Breakfast in Egypt

 Breakfast in China

 Breakfast in England

 Breakfast in Colombia

 Breakfast in Germany

 Breakfast in Cuba

 Breakfast in Hawaiian

Breakfast in Estonia

Breakfast in France

 Breakfast in Ghana

 Breakfast in Iceland

 Breakfast in India

 Breakfast in Japan

 Breakfast in Iran

Breakfast in Korea

Breakfast in Italy

Breakfast in Malaysia

 Breakfast in New Zealand

 Breakfast in Mexico

 Breakfast in Pakistan

 Breakfast in Mongolia

Breakfast in Peru

Breakfast in Morocco

 Breakfast in Philippines

 Breakfast in Scottland

 Breakfast in Poland

Breakfast in Spain

Breakfast in Russia

 Breakfast in Sweden

 Breakfast in Thailand

  Breakfast in Turkey

 Breakfast in Uganda

 Breakfast in USA

 Breakfast in Venezuela

 Breakfast in Wales

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