Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Yuyuan Gardens - Shanghai - China

Gardens and parks of the city is of great importance in Chinese culture. Imperial palaces all around the well-kept, flowers, trees, walking paths, gardens and ornamental ponds are located. When we came to this point, first built in the traditional architectural style of buildings in the Far East, and welcomes us to the streets decorated with red Chinese lamps. Shanghai weather is often damp and light rain everywhere, wandering with an umbrella. Almost maze-like streets of this area are in a state of mingled both tourists and locals strolling and shopping. Small shops, a traditional Chinese food, shrimp, fish and seafood food as sold. Also necklaces, rings, bracelets are a variety of shops selling jewelery and electronic goods.Here are a few stop is the jewelry shop. I'm very curious necklaces in particular that caught my attention immediately look at a few of them. All looks very beautiful. Ladies and showing it to one of my favorite necklace Seller. Takılabiliyormuş combining 3 different ways by changing the shape of the same necklace. Came to me, I can not get a little expensive, but the price is very impressive. Through crowded and narrow streets where we want to arrive at the actual arrive at Yu Yuan Gardens.  

Yu Yuan Gardens, Shanghai is one of the most beautiful places. Pan Yunduan in 1577 during the Ming Dynasty named senior manager of a state, it is the garden of his parents in old age, built specifically for the purpose to spend periods of peace and happiness within. "Yu" in Chinese means satisfaction to come. Pan garden rich merchants in 1760 sold his family's hard times. This place is great during the opium wars damaged. Today we visited in restoration of gardens built between 1956-1961 and received its final shape. Located in the southern region of the Yangtze River, is the oldest and largest rock (14m high), it's in the garden. Old trees at the bottom of the rock called Cuixiu Hall surrounded by beautiful flowers and has a very nice section.
"Sansui" in Chinese, is the meaning of compassionate and lucky. Sansui Hall was built in 1760 in order to entertain the guests. The most spacious and largest building in the garden. While visiting parts of Yule Pavilion and Wanhua Chamber canals, ponds, gardens and natural beauty after another lined up. One of the two old trees in front of Wanhua Chamber'ın (Ginkgo biloba Maidenhair tree-) garden planted by the original owner said. Chamber'ın Wanhua district in the east of the Dianchun Hall Hexu Hall, Relic Hall, Ancient Well Pavilion, and the Acting-and-Sing's Stage. The Qing Dynasty Dianchun Hall fought between 1853-1855 made Xiaodao karargahlığını Hui. By Hui Xiaodao coins and bullets on display here. 
Yuhua Hall, located in the southern region of the Yangtze River, is one of the three most famous jade (the other two located in Suzhou and Hangzhou Zhouyun Duanyun Feng Feng). Height is 3.3 m and 72 holes of the stone. According to our guide told burned a fire under this stone to stone smoke seeping into the holes been giving an air of magic. Holes in the top of the water has been spilled into the stone of the stone come out of the water been giving the audience a spectacular display. Hayranmış the first owner of the garden so that this stone Pan Yuduan to watch the spectacular image immediately in front of the stone has built Yuhua Hall. This naturalness and elegance of the interior of the building to reflect the Ming Dynasty rosewood furnishings. The internal garden, built in 1709, but is now a separate ponds, flowers and magnificent views that have become a part of the Yuyuan Gardens.

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