Sunday, 30 June 2013

Ronda - Town on The Rocks (Spain)

Ronda - a small but very picturesque Spanish town located in the northwest of the province of Malaga. On the official website of the city it is called the soul of Andalusia - and for good reason, because it's unique charm does not leave anyone indifferent tourists who visited the place. Colorful Spain has lost a lot would not if she had such an interesting angle, so visit Ronda - one of the essential tasks for any self-respecting traveler.

The main feature of the city is its location - it is a hill, divided into two deep gorge at the bottom of which flows the river Guadalevin (Guadalevín).

Residential homes comfortably settled on both sides of the gorge, so that on either side of the city can be plenty to admire the beautiful views of the surroundings lying at the bottom.

Ronda is famous not only for its incredible landscapes and fine hotels, interesting sights and a rich history.

The city founded by the Romans in VI century BC, and then the settlement was called Arunda.

During its existence, the city managed to survive the invasion and the Phoenicians, Greeks and conquest, which gave him the present name, and the period of Muslim rule. Each of these cultures left in the walls of the city is something of himself, so the architecture is very interesting and Rhonda is rich in historical monuments of different eras.

Ronda historically been divided into three areas: the most ancient of all of San Francisco, which has a large number of religious buildings and palaces of La Ciudad; and most modern El Mercadillo, attracting visitors to the city for its souvenir shops. Each of these areas surprises tourists beautiful sights - from old churches and monasteries to luxurious palaces with terraces descending to the gorge.

 The main attraction of the city is the New Bridge over the Tajo gorge called the Puente Nuevo. It was built between the years 1759 and 1793, and its total height is 98 meters. It is noteworthy that before the interior of the bridge were used as prison cells.

There are Ronda and the Old Bridge PuenteViejo, located slightly downstream along the gorge.

As can be seen Ronda Arab Baths, the water that is supplied from the Snake Creek by aqueducts, and the oldest bullring in the world of bullfighting, and the magnificent botanical garden with spectacular views.

All trade Rhonda focuses on the Carrera Espinel (calle Carrera Espinel) - just drop in here numerous tourists looking for souvenirs. But the important thing is that you will take away from here - it's thrilling experience and a desire to get back here again.

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