Thursday, 6 June 2013

The Strangest Trees Around The World

We are all accustomed to the sight of trees around us and, passing by, do not pay much attention to them. But our world grow and very unusual specimens. Their views have not only surprised, but also make stop in amazement.

 On our planet grows a variety of trees for our unaccustomed eye view. But where they grow, the locals see them as a matter of course and do not pay them much attention.

For example, by the baobab is not a European one will not pass by, not to stop and consider not to touch the giant. Africans do not understand this delight. After all, for them it's normal, unremarkable tree.

Growing in Madagascar baobab can take the form of a bottle or a teapot. Why is that scientists do not know exactly, but suggest that such a strange view allows you to better retain moisture.

On the exterior of rainbow eucalyptus trees, found only in the northern hemisphere, it seems that worked unknown master - abstractionist.But in fact, multi-colored bark is the work of mother - nature.

In addition to the bright exterior of the trees also famous for its enormous growth. It can be up to seventy feet in height.

 Another unique species of flora - Dragon Tree. It does not have growth rings, and the place serves fresh cut red juice that resembles the color of blood.

The ancient palace temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia and the centuries old cotton trees have long been inseparable.

Cotton trees are also called "Ceiba". In addition to the unique symbiosis with ancient ruins trees have another outstanding feature. Their trunk and branches thickly strewn with thorns. Such a "scratchy outfit" makes it easier to keep valuable moisture.

In the Inyo National Forest, is the oldest tree on our planet. This intermountain bristlecone pine, which received the name "Methuselah". She was discovered by scientists in 1953. Only rough estimates of tree 4842 years. The exact location of the amazing pine kept secret to avoid vandalism.

In South Carolina (USA) grows 1,500-year-old oak tree. The height of the centuries-old giant is twenty feet in diameter, 2, 7 meters. The last owners of land on which there is an oak, was a family of Angel, so that the tree was called the "Angel Oak".

Near the church of Santa Maria del Thule grows thickest tree of our planet - Tule Tree.

 It belongs to the family taksodiumov and is found only in Mexico. Scientists believe that a tree more than a thousand years. Its diameter is 11.62 meters, height - thirty-five meters.

 Having been on the island of Crete, you can see the oldest olive tree. His age is about four thousand years. It is surprising, but the tree still bears fruit.

 In the desert near the town of Jebel Dukhan (Bahrain) grows a unique four hundred years tree. It's amazing how little or no water the tree could survive so long. For such a lasting nature, scientists have named it "The Tree of Life."
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