Tuesday, 2 July 2013

10 Best Islands in the World

Ambergris Caye, Belize. Ambergris Caye - a great place for a holiday. There is enough amenities, but at the same time, the island is not so developed, that you had to wade through the crowds of tourists. This island with white as snow, beaches - the largest in Belize. To navigate through the sandy roads are typically used golf mobiles. Divers will enjoy the Belize Barrier Reef and the Great Blue Hole - 122 meters deep cavity formed by the limestone rocks. In the center of the island is also mangrove swamp.

St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands. On the island of St. John thriving ecotourism. On land you can observe the life of wildlife wandering around the many kilometers of hiking trails or along the sandy white beaches. And in the water, you can go scuba diving and even underwater photography. Of course, it's all the same Caribbean!

Bora Bora, French Polynesia. Turquoise lagoons, soft white sand and spectacular sunsets tangerine Bora Bora asked romantic atmosphere on this beautiful island. Swim along with tropical fish in the coral gardens or Tupitipiti at Cape Point, or go to the extinct volcano Otemanu to enjoy the beautiful scenery. In Lagunariume can see how fed sharks and swim with turtles. Finally, you can taste the succulent meat dishes in one of the French restaurants on the island and enjoy a tropical cocktail under the stars.

San Juan, Washington, USA. Washington - certainly not the most obvious choice for a vacation in the islands. However, the archipelago of San Juan - a territory with picturesque scenery, which boasts beaches, flocks of killer whales and one of the largest lavender plantation in the country. Lime KilnPoynt State Park - an ideal place for whale watching, and Pelindaba Lavender Farm will provide you with fragrant purple flowers last a lifetime. Bustling harbor FraydeyHarbor - is an abundance of restaurants and shops, plus unique attractions like the sculpture garden of 19 acres in the Westcott Bay Reserve.

Santorini, Greece. Even if you have never been to this, perhaps, the most famous of the Cyclades islands, you, nevertheless, can easily learn it by white houses with blue roofs and windmills, hit a rock. Here you can also enjoy the black sand beaches or streets of the provincial village of Fira. The island is also famous worldwide for its sunsets, painted with rainbow colors.

Isla Mujeres, Mexico. The island of Isla Mujeres is known for its picturesque beaches. Snorkeling with tropical fish among coral reefs, ride the blue tropical sea kayaking or boating or windsurfing. On land you can sunbathe, enjoy local seafood, dance to Latin rhythms, a ride on a scooter or go straight to the bar for a delicious refreshing drink.

Moorea, French Polynesia. The ecosystem of the world's largest coral reef is actually made up of 3,000 individual reefs. The island of Moorea is a great place for divers who want to meet face to face with a variety of the fauna, is rapidly moving among the corals. Not umeyuschieili not love to swim can enjoy the same parade of amazing creatures, sitting in a glass-bottomed boat. Formed at a time when half the cast of the volcano collapsed in the green-blue sea, Moorea is an incredibly charming island in the shape of heart - a true paradise on earth.

Koh Tao, Thailand. Overgrown with palms island of Koh Tao, which gets its name from the abundance of sea turtles on the beach, located in the Gulf of Thailand.White sand beaches framed by steep hills, some of them can be climbed only by off-road vehicle. 300 sunny days a year, you can spend days basking in the sun lounger.

Easter Island, Chile. Located in the South Pacific, at a distance of more than 3218 km from the coast of Chile, Easter Island is very hard to reach places. But this isolation has helped it to maintain its main attraction and pride - the mysterious sculptures maoyi of volcanic stone age - about 1500 years. After admiring the unique scenery, you can relax on a deserted beach and plenty to think about one of the most mysterious places of the Earth.

 Nosy Be, Madagascar. Nosy Be means "big island", and the way it really is. It is a large island off the northwest coast of Madagascar. There is a volcanic lake, lazy lemurs, plants for the production of rum, plantations of ylang-ylang and whimsical coral reefs that are just begging you to explore them. Lovers of flora and fauna will be in seventh heaven by visiting the nature reserve Lokobe. And music lovers better to come here in May to get on the four-Donia Music Festival.

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