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Stanserhorn Cabrio - Amezing Two Storey Cabin Cableway

 Ruslan Eunice wrote: "The cable car Stanserhorn Cabrio has its origins in the Swiss town of Stans (Stans), a few kilometers from Lucerne, Canton of Nidwalden (Nidwalden). And it leads to Mount Stanserhorn (Stanserhorn) altitude 1898 meters above sea level. Opened as recently as May 2012. Is unique in that passengers have the opportunity to ride on the world's first two-story-Convertible telekabine. The upper floor has a roof, and tourists can feel the wind blow, breathe fresh air and enjoy the gorgeous 360-degree view. "

To ride on this road, it is necessary to arrive at Stansstaderstrasse 19, CH-6370 Stans in Switzerland and the park at the beginning of the road to the top. Parking is adequate money, but it is small in area, and it makes sense to come early. We came to the second flight (9:15 am), about half the seats were vacant. In addition, early arrival will save you 10 Swiss francs per ticket (the so-called "Good Morning Ticket"), a full ticket is worth 68 francs (about 2400 rubles). Holders of Swiss Pass discount of 50%. The ticket is valid all day, his compost when planting on the rise and the second time during the descent.

First, tourists climb on an old rail vehicle - cable car, which was put into operation in 1893. At the time, he broke the world record for the length of the route. Capacity of the car - 40 people. Prior to 1974 on such a cable car could climb right on top of the mountain in 45 minutes. In 1974, this route was closed. In 1975, it launched the cable car through the air with a single cab. In 2010, updated the funicular, and in 2012 inaugurated the cable car to the new, two-story cabin.

Made of wood and iron, cable carriage drove us through the charming suburb of Stans.

Typically alpine lodges and meadows on the slopes of Mount joy to the eye.

Ahead visible lower cable car station and going up the hill ropes.

Even closer.

First, the lower floor cabin cable car. Total on both floors can accommodate up to 60 people. The upper floor is not more than 30.

In the second, open floor, a spiral staircase. In bad weather, close access here. But we were lucky, it was cloudy and foggy, but no rain.

The cabin is very quiet creeps.

About halfway meet the same cabin, creeping down. We decided on this trip despite the weather. And it is thanks to the web-camera, which is installed on the mountain and translates the image online at Stanserhorn Cabrio .

For example, right now the camera transmits a picture. And if you turn on the camera via video codec, you can see that the camera is rotated, it will consider the panorama in nearly 180 degrees.

Here, we have overcome the lower layer of fog and drive up to the top station.

Below us were running loose some horned animals. The comments suggest that this alpine chamois.

A front gaze appears this form.

We are on top of the station.

A little more digits by cable car. Length - 2320 meters. The bottom station is located at an altitude of 711 meters, and the top - 1850 meters above sea level. Speed ​​- 8 meters per second. A trip to one side for the time it will take 6 minutes and 24 seconds. Capacities - 465 tourists per hour. Investment in the construction of this road were more than 28 million Swiss francs (almost a billion rubles). Garaventa AG - Switzerland's largest company dedicated to designing the cable cars.

It details the mechanism of the cable car to the reconstruction.

One of the attractions of this mountain is the restaurant Rondorama. Its uniqueness is that the center of a revolving restaurant with tables for 80 people. All the walls of the restaurant are transparent.

View of the station and restaurant on top. Moving away from the building several trails for hiking.

Tourists are great views of the mountains and alpine lakes. A little earlier, I did a post with selected photographs from the summit, I recommend a look!

Paths can reach the highest point accessible to pedestrians.

Here is the same camera that transmits images and video on the cable car.

At this point, there is an observation deck. He took off from there this panorama

Cross established local club lovers of mountains and hiking. In 2005 it was damaged by a lightning strike. The ninth of October it was restored and erected on its old place.

After hiking along the top and wholesome snacks (potato soup was gorgeous), we went down.

Tourists. How I envy them. They face a ton of new and enjoyable experience!

Again funicular.

That's all. A journey that will be remembered for a lifetime is over. Will there - Say hello to Willy Althaus. Cheerful man, told us many interesting things.
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