Monday, 23 June 2014

10 amazing world of wedding traditions

1. On Samoa bridesmaid dress made from the bark of the mulberry tree.

 2. Nigeria its ideals of beauty. If the bride before the wedding (or the first time after it) attains magnificent forms, the groom has the full right to send her back to her parents - eat off.

3. And here in Kenya is the custom by which the first month after the wedding, the groom should wear women's clothes, to fully experience how hard it is to be a woman.

 4. Namibia instead veil bride wears a special headdress, called "ECORA" and is made of goat skin, which also rubbed resin, fat and red ocher.

 5. The Ethiopic Surma tribe is the custom by which the girl for some time before the wedding, removed the lower teeth, pierced lip and insert it in a clay disk. From time to time the disc is replaced by a similar but larger diameter. And here's the wedding? And despite the fact that the larger the diameter disc - the more dowry the bride, because it symbolizes the drive level of wealth of the family of the bride.

 6. On the island of Java, as in most countries, before registration of marriage the couple must pay the fee in the budget. But not money - and rat tails. 25 tails of the couple must submit to the local authorities as a wedding fee.

 7. Notion of the wedding night in Albania is very conditional. There is a tradition that three days and three nights in the newly formed wife must resist encroachments husband performance family debt. This is done in order to confuse evil spirits.

 8. Nenets But do not bother too much with the wedding dishes, and guests are served raw venison.

9. All Trombrian just on the island, next to New Guinea. Want to get married - sing with her future husband of one plate in front of other members of the tribe. After this ritual is considered married couple.

 10. Finally, if you get to the wedding feast on about. Bali, is fairly surprised. The wedding table, you will see only women. And the men? They rest. Because it is they cooked all the dishes, with such joy that eat them women.
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