Sunday, 22 June 2014

10 horror stories about poor nutrition

May Day celebrations this year - this is the time when we first eat almost one kebabs, and then - Easter cakes and eggs. And, oddly enough, some one does not exclude the other. But holidays, holidays, and in the world there are people who do the most absurd their usual diet feeding. Below are ten examples of people that have moved the food, so to speak, to a new level.

1. RB
Diet: almost nothing but Red Bull, in a few months. 
woman from New Zealand gained excess weight after pregnancy and really wanted to lose a few pounds fast, so she did something that would not have made ​​any reasonable person - namely, began to consume only Red Bull. She saw it mainly for appetite suppression, but of course, it also gave her energy without having a meal. Despite the fact that this diet was not too successful and created health problems, including stroke, she still managed to lose a lot of weight very quickly. Apparently, she did not really want to diet conscious, it happens. 

2. Carrots
Diet: Only carrots and carrot juice. 
Girl wanted to win a bet with my roommate: she believed that eating a lot of carrots can tan (ie become orange), and her roommate did not agree with her. She wanted to prove to a neighbor, which is not necessarily getting fake tan to look like Oompa Loompas, but you can just eat a lot of carrots. So she began a diet of carrots and carrot juice. This diet is very dangerous. Although orange leather itself is not considered to be harmful, and eventually passes, you will be severely limited in nutrients that quickly displays the body out of balance.

 3. Beer
Diet: nothing but beer and water during Catholic Lent. 
An Jovan decided to try something new during Lent. His plan was to drink only beer and water for the entire period. Man brews its beer at home and fascinated by a group of Bavarian monks who called beer "liquid bread". Monks themselves are unlikely to drink beer during Lent, but Jovan claims that he was trying to find the historical aspects of this issue.Most likely, he just found a very good excuse to drink in the post. Sure, he spent most of it in the semi-comatose state.

4. Kola
Diet: ten liters of cola a day. 
After opening the coroner in New Zealand announced that woman's death occurred mainly due to the fact that she drank about 10 liters of cola a day. Her friends claimed that she also smoked a couple of packs of cigarettes a day and hardly ate anything. Company Coca-Cola, of course, deny that their product had something to do with this case, trying to avoid a lawsuit. But common sense dictates that they can hardly be blamed - the real culprit here lack of self-control and control of the family, which did not intervene in time and do not give women the necessary assistance.

5. Twinkie - cake with filling.
Diet: Twinkie cakes. 
man wanted to prove that there is not really good or bad calories, at least when it comes to weight loss. So he developed a completely sane plan to get to the depths of this issue. He had not eaten anything except a Twinkie and sometimes Doritos chips, Oreo cookies and cereal bars. Nevertheless, he continued to maintain a low calorie. It turned out that his theory is confirmed, he did lose weight. Unfortunately for him, the fact that you lose weight by not eating anything other than junk food, does not mean it's good for you. The key conclusion here should be that if you want to lose weight, you need to eat less and move more carbohydrates and not eat a bit of cake.

6. Chocolate
Diet: almost nothing but chocolate. 
Girl from the UK eats almost nothing but chocolate. Her parents are trying to justify the fact that she's just suffering "pischefobiey." Despite the fact that it is currently in good health, it seems highly unlikely that her good health will remain unchanged unless the habit of eating almost only one chocolate will have a long-term perspective. Parents say that she "eats 15 squares of chocolate and cooking chocolate 10 fingers every morning." She seems to be eating the same things for lunch from time to time by adding rice crisps, but only if they are completely covered with melted chocolate. Its only "exception" from the diet - this cheese crisps Wotsits.

7. Chicken nuggets
Diet: almost nothing but chicken nuggets for 15 years. 
Stacey from the UK has been hospitalized after she collapsed at work. It turned out that it breathing problems, anemia and other problems are likely associated with the diet. The fact that as a child she tried chicken nuggets and has since refused to eat anything else. Her mother made ​​a few feeble attempts to teach her ​​daughter to a normal diet, but quickly gave up. As a result, in my entire life it has grown daughter hardly ate anything other than nuggets. Despite claims by doctors that if she was going to stick to this diet, you will die young, Stacy did not want to give up the diet. It just does not feel that he could eat something else.

 8. Veganism
Diet Vegetarianism for an infant. 
pair of parents from Queens nearly killed her child by negligence. "Negligence" was that they refused to breastfeed him or give him any milk or milk products. In fact, all they have allowed a child is fruit, vegetables and legumes. In other words, they are paid with the birth of his baby in veganism, considering it a religion. Both parents were sentenced to imprisonment from five to twenty-five years because the judge considered that they should understand that the child is too small for a vegetarian diet and nutrition needs improvement.

 9. Fat Man
Diet: burgers, fried in its own fat, evacuated during liposuction. 
artist, known for its shocking creative projects, recently had surgery liposuction. As part of an art project he used own fat to fry the cutlets, and gave them to friends. He considered this a trick masterpieces, not cannibalism. But this is not the first artist ridiculous attempt to attract attention. He also painted an iceberg red paint and offered people click blender, when there was a live fish. Here we are unlikely to give advice, but we feel that it would be better in a room with four soft walls.

 10. Colleagues

Diet: eating each other on TV. 
Two leading Dutch TV show struggled to come up with something that will make people pay attention to them, and after a long search, decided that the best way would be to eat each other. They are surgically cut off part of itself buttocks and abdomen. After that, the chef cooked their meat and gave it complete with garnish. Although many people claim that it was a hoax, leading insist that everything happening was quite real, and even show people the scars to prove it. However, it is not surprising to those two. Earlier arguments invoked by the same channel, where sick people competed to win the saving organs.
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