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7 most famous first ladies in history

1. Jacqueline Kennedy

In 1952, at a reception 23-year-old journalist Jacqueline Bouvier was officially presented by 35-year-old Senator John Kennedy. A year later they were married. When in January 1960, Kennedy announced his decision to run for president, Jacqueline, despite the pregnancy, including her husband in the presidential race.

She responded to numerous messages that came to the campaign headquarters, recorded commercials, accompanied her husband during trips around the country, gave interviews and conducted his own newspaper column Campaign Wife. When January 20, 1961 John F. Kennedy has been approved for the presidency of the United States, Jacqueline became one of the youngest First Ladies in history.One of the first projects in the status of the first lady was the reconstruction of the White House, which had been invited largest decorators and consultants, including a collector of vintage furniture pieces, Henry Dupont. Already in February 1962, CBS News Channel viewers could virtually wander around the White House, accompanied by leading Charles Collingwood and Jacqueline Kennedy. Needless to say that ordinary Americans almost idolized Jackie, a former journalist colleagues tried to bring to the public all the hottest news of her life. One of the most famous women of her time remembered not only as a heroine gossip, trendsetter and a sample of grace. She has made a significant contribution to the arts and preservation of architectural models of the past.

 2. Eleanor Roosevelt
Spouse thirty second American president Franklin Delano Roosevelt called "the first lady of the world." Well known for its phrase: "Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds - event.Small minds discuss people. " She held the White House for 12 years and enjoyed extraordinary popularity among ordinary Americans. Franklin and Eleanor met, while still very young people.Then they could hardly imagine what fate awaits them. During the whole time, until Roosevelt was president, Eleanor remained his right hand: went around the country, met with people and convey to her husband the real mood of the voters. She was the only first lady who gave their own weekly press conference.Politics or public affairs, Eleanor Roosevelt was actively engaged until the end of life. She fought for the rights of women, participated in the creation of a human rights organization Freedom House, on her initiative was developed and adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In February this year, Eleanor Roosevelt led the ranking for the fifth time "Best first lady of the state," according to historians.

3. Eva Peron
The first words that Maria Eva Ibarguren said her future husband, Argentine President Juan Peron: "Thank you, Colonel, that you exist." For six years, Eva Peron was in the status of the first lady, she was able of "comrade Evita" become the second person in the state.Peron unconditionally trusted her opinion, including discussing candidates for senior posts of the country. She managed to properly play the role of "facilitator", a liaison between President Peron and his "shirtless people." Help disadvantaged became a priority area of ​​its socio-political work.Evita won the hearts of Argentines who worshiped "mother of the nation" and retold each other numerous legends of her life. "Without fanaticism achieve nothing" - often repeated and continued Eva lot of hard work. The activity of this legendary woman and today is much controversy.

4. Raisa Gorbachev
Raisa Gorbachev became the first (and, incidentally, the only) of the first lady of the Soviet Union. After the election in 1985 of Mikhail Gorbachev as General Secretary of the CPSU his wife actively involved in social work.With the support of major cultural figures, including academician Dmitry Likhachev, she created the Soviet Culture Fund, which supported numerous museums, financed the restoration of churches and monuments, to the return of cultural property in the country.Spouses Gorbachev seemed to be inseparable: the first lady was accompanied by Mikhail Gorbachev during official visits and was his constant companion for many receptions.Compatriots treated regularly appearing on television first lady ambiguous, but its name was known to everyone, and her outfits and hair discussed no less than a new image Pugacheva.Foreign press named Raisa Gorbachev "Messenger of Peace", it is often the attention paid to the active support of its policy, intended husband. She chaired the Foundation "Help the Children of Chernobyl" and oversaw the work of the charity fund "Hematologists of the World - children." In 1987, according to the British edition of Woman's Own, she was named Woman of the Year.

5. Imelda Marcos
History demonstrates that not all first ladies, unfortunately, able to pass a test with dignity "copper pipes." For rigid character and irrepressible Imelda Marcos extravagance called "steel butterfly".In 1954, Imelda Romualdez beauty met with Congressman Ferdinand Marcos. And if the path to the heart darling Ferdinand took just 11 days (it is through such time politician Imelda did offer), then the top of the career ladder, he had to rise as much as 12 years.In 1966, Marquez became the president of the Philippines, and his wife - the first lady of the country. In 1972, Marquez cancels the constitution and actually introduces a dictatorship in the country for years to 20 years. Free access to the country's budget "inspires" the first lady: she buys everything - the fabulously expensive jewelry, designer clothes and luxury items.About shopping Imelda Marcos composed legends. She knew, perhaps, one simple way to improve your own mood: get on a plane and go for shopping in the United States. In one of the many customs documents, for example, says that at a time the first lady has managed to spend a few million dollars. At the same time thousands of Filipinos living in poverty.Finally, people could not resist: in 1986, Ferdinand Marcos was deposed and exiled with his wife out of the country. Five years later, Imelda was allowed to return: she launched her own collection of clothing and even tried to run for the Philippine parliament in 2010.

6. Carla Bruni
Carla Bruni French jokingly referred to as "a major achievement by President Sarkozy."Marry a top model and singer was a bold decision, even for extravagant Nicolas Sarkozy.About his chosen Bruni wrote: "I did not expect that a meeting of the living and witty man.His charm and wit captivated me. He has five or six brains, and everything works fine. "In February 2008, Carla Bruni became the first lady of France, and in March already coped superbly with its role during the official visit of the French President to the British Queen.In numerous interviews Carla Bruni complained that the policy takes too much time and effort, but in practice, demonstrating how well you manage to combine her role as a mother, a singer and first lady.She not only earned three times more than her husband, but also successfully performed the duties of the Ambassador Foundation for the protection of mothers and children against AIDS. True, its public affairs talked a lot less than about his personal life: active speculation about pregnancy, birth, daughter, and, of course, arguing about clothes or gasped, noticing the absence of certain parts of the female wardrobe.

7. Hillary Clinton
In the ranking of the most influential first lady Hillary Clinton White House, will undoubtedly be in the first position. Usual girly entertainment young Hillary preferred discussion meetings and work with juvenile offenders from disadvantaged suburbs of Chicago. In 1975, Hillary and Bill as spouses and begin joint path to the endpoint - the presidency. In 1993, Bill Clinton became the 42nd president of the United States, and Hillary - the first lady. She is ambitious, well-educated, competent, intelligent and level-headed. Spouse immediately instructs her to chair a committee of health care reform, but a year later Hillary forced to leave the post. In 2000, Hillary decides to demonstrate their political independence and became a senator from New York, and then, in 2009, agrees to take the post of Secretary of State in the Obama administration. According to the poll Reuters / Ipsos, published a few days ago, most Americans believe that the presidential election in 2016 to win Hillary Clinton - a politician who distinguishes the ability to take responsibility. Here are just wants whether the former first lady to participate in the new political race?

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